Will Desire 310 be able to Resurrect HTC?


HTC the Taiwanese electronic manufacturer is currently drowning and gasping for breath reason being the snail-paced sales and the competitive market added with players pitching their product across all the budget range. HTC had divorced the plans of strengthening its budget segment phones saying that it wanted to retain its premium tag. This strategy not only backfired but also took HTC to the graveyard. The sales plummeted big times, and the manufacturer also failed to bring in new devices. Micromax Canvas HD 2.2 price in India around 10K will give the Desire a tough time on the Indian turf. HTC seems to have learned their lessons the hard way and recently added new entrants to its scarcely populated Desire series. Let’s check if HTCs new Desire 310 squeals or roars?

The Good- Value for money, priced at 10k HTC. The premium build quality and the finish of the HTC cannot be matched by other devices at this range. Dual Sim Indian version will delight majority of consumers as always.

The Bad- Mediatek powerhouse is something HTC could have avoided and instead gifted the 310 with a Snapdragon Krait 1 GHz dual core which does duty in the Lumia series. The 0.3 Megapixel secondary camera is sheer mockery considering how often people use the secondary camera either for video chats or selfies.

Will Desire 310 be able to Resurrect HTC?

Design & Build

Desire 310 carries the HTC DNA and looks premium. The front is adorned by the thin bezel running along the periphery of the device. The earpiece is treated with dashes of silver imparting a luxurious look. The rear is finished beautifully with a metallic tinge. The phone is broad and good to hold.

Screening it

The 1080p 4.5-inch screen offers a pixel density of 217ppi which is very less as compared to the Moto G which has a bright screen with a 323ppi pixel density. Viewing angles are fine, but the screen is excessively reflective with a glaze that makes screen readability poor in the outdoors. Color reproduction is accurate with no frail ends and overly bright regions.


HTC has incorporated the Mediatek 6582 chipset coupled to a 512MB RAM. The UI works in a fluidic manner. The processor starts taking its own time once you get hooked with multitasking. The 512MB is a tad too less considering the high-end gaming titles requiring at least a GB of RAM to run in the high graphics mode. Frame drops are visible along with the stuttering graphic. It would have been wise if HTC had incorporated a Snapdragon and saved us from all the compromises we have to do with this device.


HTC Desire 310 has a 2000 mAh tank that powers the device for one day. The battery is accessible after removing the back cover which can be color swapped. The battery starts draining quickly in case of heavy usage- a feature typical of Android-powered devices.


HTC seems to be keen on pulling itself out of the troubled waters. It intends to do so with the new M8 and the slew of desires which are supposed to rescue the Taiwanese manufacturer from the turmoil. HTC desire is a good low-end device, but it’s devoid of some basic features like the flash and a higher resolution screen. HTC at this juncture cannot afford to build a wrong notion that it can sell lower priced devices with by plucking up the features one by one and bringing it to bare essential. People can go for the Moto G which has a better screen, twice the RAM and a build quality you just can’t refuse. The premium you end up paying for the Moto G is justifiable when it comes to living with the shortcomings of the Moto G. If you don’t want to budge from your budget yet want something better than HTC 310 then go for a Micromax Canvas 2.2 (Yes I am sober yet referring you to Micromax then HTC Desire) The HTC Sense and the HTC hub which are an integral part of the HTC family is missing in the Desire 310 which is really not acceptable. Missing LED flash adds to the woes and made the Desire a big turnoff.

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