How to Mass Change/Update Old URLs in WordPress Database after Migration


If you have transferred your WordPress site to new URL you will have to replace all URLs and link all the media files to new URL again in order to keep your blog functioning properly. So in this post we are going to discuss how to fix broken links after transferring WordPress site to new URL.

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Steps to Fix Broken Links after transferring WordPress Site to New URL

  1. Download and install Better Search Replace on your WordPress installation.
  2. Go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Tools -> Better Search Replace.
  3. In Search for type your old URL and in Replace with type new URL.Fix Broken Links after transferring WordPress Site to New URL
  4. Select all the tables.
  5. Untick Replace GUIDs & Run as dry run.
  6. Click Run/Search replace.
  7. Within few moments all old URLs in the database will be replaced with new ones.

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