UnoTelly Review : A Smart Way to Remove Geo Restrictions


Previously we have discussed about 5 methods to access blocked websites. Recently we have come acrossed a service named UnoTelly which provides two service : SmartDNS and VPN.

UnoTelly Review : A Smart Way to Remove Geo Restrictions

As we know that streaming videos is the biggest part of the internet today. but there are many restrictions for the peoples outside US. They can’t stream channels like Pandora, Netflix etc. UnoDNS allows you to bypass all of these Geo Restrictions and allows you to seamlessly stream all of the US only channels. Currently 340+ channels are supported. Click here to see list of all supported channels.

Additionally if you want to secure and encrypt your internet connection as well as unblock all blocked websites you can also take benefit from UnoVPN.

What is UnoDNS?

UnoDNS removes geo-blocks imposed by streaming sites and allows you to watch geo-restricted channels regardless of where you live.

Major Difference

The major difference between UnoDNS and traditional VPN connection is that by using UnoDNS, you will get much faster connection than VPN. UnoDNS requires no “middle-man”, therefore you can enjoy streaming at the max possible speed of your internet connection. Not only this it is smart enough to route only the traffic that needs to routed.

How UnoDNS Work?

After setting up UnoDNS on your device. When you open a website that is geo-blocked like Hulu, NetFlix etc, it bypasses them and let you able to open them. UnoDNS transparently creates a network tunnel from your location to their servers.


  • Very easy one time setup.
  • No bandwidth and speed limit.
  • Supported on almost all devices.
  • Most of the channels are compatible.

What is UnoVPN?

In our previous post on how to access blocked websites, we already discussed about VPN and how it works. There we have discussed many free VPN services like VPNbook, WebsiteVPN etc. Since they were free services you can’t expect best performance 24 hrs.


  • Very easy one time setup.
  • 4+ VPN servers across globe.
  • Unblocks everything.


Before buying you can experience the services provided by UnoTelly by signing up for it 8 days free unlimited Gold Plan trial.

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