Facebook Scheduled Bulk Poster

Facebook Scheduled Bulk Poster

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Facebook Scheduled Bulk Poster is an online tool which helps users to automate Facebook posts. i.e. auto posting/poster at desired interval of time to various Facebook groups, pages and own timeline.


  • Post Text, Link & Image with Name, Caption and Description.
  • Post up to 5000 Groups & 5000 Pages.
  • Schedule it with date and time and also posting interval per group/page.
  • Check all the posts you have scheduled and check in how many groups/pages it is posted or not.
  • Check out number of clicks on post after sharing it to specific group/page.
  • Create unlimited schedules.
  • Never get blocked by Facebook  again because every post is published to each group at desired interval. (minimum 5 minutes)
  • If you are member in many groups or liked many pages you can classify each of them into category according to your choice. So that you can post specific topics on specific places.
  • Join Affiliate Program and earn 50% commissions.

What benefits you will get?

  • Other companies charges customers at very high price per month for this service. Instead of this we are providing it just for minimum possible price.
  • Unlimited post scheduling to Groups & Pages.
  • We provided this service for free for approximately a year and total of 3 years, so you can trust quality of our service.
  • Social Media marketers can simplify and reduce their work load by using this tool.

Still having doubts visit FAQ section below or email us at techrrival[at]gmail.com contact us using form given at end of this page.

Pricing & Account Activation

Note : No Refund will be provided in any case

Facebook Scheduled Bulk Poster is available at minimum possible price. We are not disclosing price here. Contact us using form given below for complete details.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Can I post to multiple groups and pages instantly?
Why I have to setup my own Facebook app for posting?
How I can post pictures using this tool?
How to avoid getting blocked by Facebook?

Affiliate Program

Currently we have not set up any automatic platform for affiliates. Currently everything is done manually by Tech Arrival team. In this way there are almost no errors in tracking and payments. So follow instructions given below carefully :

  1. Refer any user about Facebook Scheduled Bulk Poster.
  2. Guide him/her on how to buy and use this tool.
  3. After successful payment and subscription, email us at techrrival[at]gmail.com and tell us name of the user you referred.
  4. We will verify the details and will reply back within 48 hours.


  • Earn 50% commission per sale of Facebook Scheduled Bulk Poster.
  • $25 Minimum Payout.
  • No monthly limit on affiliate earnings.
  • Payments will be done via PayPal or NEFT or RTGS.