Facebook Scheduled Bulk Poster

The Service Has Been Discontinued and No Longer Available 🙁

One-Click Solution to Your Facebook Marketing Campaign

Facebook Scheduled Bulk Poster will allow you to automate the task of posting to groups and pages. That means if you have a post to share to let's say 300 groups. You will set a time interval let's say 300 seconds then every 300 seconds your post will be published to selected groups. This was just a preview, continue reading for more!

Multiple Types

Post Text, Link, Image with Caption and Description

Practically Unlimited

Manage and Publish to unlimited number of groups and pages*

Custom Grouping

Select multiple groups and classify it under a single to manage multiple niche groups.

Custom Timings

Choose desired interval of time between post to different groups*


Check that post has been sent to how many groups

Earn Money

You can refer your friend and then let us know that you referred them to earn 50% commision per sale.


Shalu Sharma Blogger

Posting on Facebook is a must if you want traffic to your website. However if you are posting on several groups it can be a very tedious job. I have managed to automate my posting using “Facebook Scheduled Bulk Poster” and I have to say it is as good as sliced bread for bloggers. It’s very simple to use with no learning curve. Organise your relevant FB groups in a cluster, fill out your link, message, description etc and way you go. It saves me time to do other things like writing my next blog post. One of the best finds on the net for bloggers. A must have tool!

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