5 Best Tips To Boost Alexa Rank in 2019


Hello friends, Now I am here with the favorite and the most questioned topic: works- best tips to boost Alexa rank of a website.

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Alexa is a web information provided by Amazon. It allows users to find their website or blog ranking in their country and worldwide.

How does it work?

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Alexa determines the Performance and rank of the website by the number of visitors and number of page views daily.

But a thing here to concentrate is how?

Alexa only determines the visitors and page views which have passed through its system database, means if and only if Alexa toolbar is installed on visitor’s browser.


Alexa rank plays a significant and major role if you want to monetize your blog to get a high amount of income. Because advertiser wants high-quality traffic for their advertisement. Higher the quality of the advertisement, higher you will earn. Sponsors determine the popularity of a blog or website by it’s Alexa rankings.

Best Tips To Boost Alexa Rank

Alexa Dashboard

1. Setup your Alexa Profile

Go to www.alexa.com. Create an account or sign in to existing one. Add your website to Alexa and verify it. Then click on dashboard, your current site rank will be shown.

2. Install Alexa toolbar on your browser

This step will increase your website rank significantly.

Click Here to download toolbar

3. Add Alexa Widget to your website

As we know that it is very tough and maybe an impossible work to encourage all users to install Alexa toolbar who visits your site frequently. So here is a quick and easy solution to install the Alexa widget on your site or blog. This will work the same as installing Alexa toolbar to all visitors browser.

WP Rocket

Alexa Widget

Alexa widget is available in different varieties and also different sizes. Install the one you prefer.

Click Here to create Alexa widget for your website

Note: – If you don’t want to show widget to your visitors but wanted to keep track of rank on it. Try the below code.

<div style="display:none;">
<!-- Put Your Alexa Widget Code Here  -->

4. Backlinks

Try to make quality backlinks from the websites which possess higher Alexa rank as compared to your site or blog. You can get quality Do-Follow backlinks by writing a top quality guest post on other sites and by submitting it to high ranked directories like DMOZ.

5. Go Social

Share your posts and website link on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Delicious, Pinterest, etc. Please do not SPAM or over socialize. This type of sharing leads to lots of visitors to your site and therefore a lower Alexa rank.

Note: The above tips to boost Alexa rank will work but be patient you can see boost within 10 -15 days.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this post, We are having Regular posting in our blogs, but still we are facing to increase alexa ranking, any other short cut ways to increase alexa ranking


  2. Alexa has always been a mystery to me. Followed all the steps you’ve mentioned and now looking forward to the next Alexa update. Hoping to see a positive result soon!


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