Speed Up a Website Within Few Minutes Using Free CDN


Loading time of a website or a blog plays a significant role in the user experience. If your site is blazing fast and has less loading time, then for sure user will like it. Otherwise, they will leave quickly and which will increase your bounce rate. And for SEO it is a major factor so you should not neglect it. So here is how you can speed up a website within few minutes using free CDN.

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If you are using self-hosted WordPress, then we would recommend you to read our guide on Speeding Up WordPress Blog. So first of all, you should know that the free CDN we are talking about is CloudFlare. There are several other free CDNs available like incapsula etc., but we found this the best. So let’s get on with it:


You can search for and learn all the features that Cloudflare offers here. So let’s talk about the great features that CloudFlare have to offer:

Best Selling Keyboards

CDN Service

CloudFlare Data Centers

Cloudflare is majorly a CDN Network. It has 23 Data Centers across the world to boost the content delivery. It will also help you to save the Bandwidth and Requests to get faster access to your blog. According to CloudFlare, 65% of Bandwidth and Request can be saved if you are using CloudFlare. This is due to the Leverage Browser Caching offered by CloudFlare.

Always Online Technology

Another great feature of CloudFlare CDN is that it provides Always Online Technology. It means if your site server goes down, your site will be accessible to the visitors. CloudFlare will serve a cached copy of your website and will show a message to visitors that server is down and they are viewing a cached copy. Isn’t it great?

Threat Protection

If you are frequently encountering attacks on your website including DoS and DDoS then instead of paying security firms, you can transfer your DNS to CloudFlare, and they will take care of your server for free. If you set the option to “I’m under attack” then every user who visits your website has to go through human verification test to access your site.

Free SSL

Now you can secure your site by using free SSL Certificate provided by CloudFlare. There is no configuration needed. If you have a self-signed SSL certificate, then you can choose to use Full SSL. Otherwise, you can choose flexible SSL. Isn’t that great!

Little Configuration

You almost have not to do anything apart from changing the DNS and Nameserver settings. You can access all the free CloudFlare features just with a simple GUI and without any coding.


CloudFlare Rocket Loader

Cloudflare not only saves your bandwidth, but it also helps the blog to load faster and smoother.

Rocket Loader: Automatically optimizes your pages to minimize the number of network connections and ensure even third-party resources won’t slow down page rendering. It is quite similar to Defer Parsing of JavaScript but instead of deferring it loads the JavaScript asynchronously.

Reduced Connection & JavaScript Bundling: Combines multiple JavaScript files into a single request to avoid the overhead of multiple network requests.

Best Selling Routers

Auto Minify: On-the-fly removal of unnecessary characters from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Saves 20% of a file’s size and works without caching so it can support even fully dynamic pages.

Local Storage Caching: Uses local storage on modern browsers and mobile devices to intelligently cache the objects needed to render your site best.

GZIP Compression: All of the resources on your website will be compressed using GZip and will significantly reduce the size of your webpage.

Browser Optimisations

CloudFlare Analytics

CloudFlare provides their analytics which shows the overall visitors, page views, threats, crawlers. It can also be associated with Clicky Analytics, Google Analytics and is compatible with all other analytics.

Cloudflare Applications

CloudFlare ApplicationsCloudFlare works with leading web application providers and independent developers to create a marketplace where apps can be installed with ease and confidence. You can found all the currently supported application here.

Steps to Speed Up a Website with CloudFlare

This is quite easy then all of your expectations. This is a work of just a few minutes. Follow the below steps:-

  1. Create a new account on CloudFlare.
  2. After creation, a dialog box will come to enter the domain.
  3. Enter your domain name & wait it will take approximately 40 Seconds to scan DNS records of your domain.
  4. After scanning check the scanned DNS settings with your hosting provider whether any record is missing or not. If missing then add it manually.
  5. Go to the next step. Cloudflare will tell you to transfer your domain nameserver to Cloudflare.
  6. Just change it.
  7. Now enjoy the blazing speed and optimization with CloudFlare.

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