How to Save Money while Shopping Online


Nowadays most of the shopping has become online which includes clothes, electronics, home, health care and various other departments. While shopping online you are already getting products at cheap price than that of in market. But have you ever wondered that we can also get additional discount on products by using coupon codes or special offers. In this way you can easily save money while shopping online.

Now there are few question which may arise in your head right now and we are going to have a complete review with help of these question :

Q.From where to obtain these coupon codes & special offers?

There is a website called CouponzGuru which enlist all the coupon codes & special offers running on online shopping stores.

Q.What is CouponzGuru?

CouponzGuru is one of the leading coupons code and daily deals website. It was established in 2011. It is in top 10,000 websites across the world according to Alexa and is having 128,000+ Facebook Fans. From these figures we can say that it is one of the best website in their niche.

Q.Which Online Stores are supported by CouponzGuru?

You may get surprised but CouponzGuru supports 500+ stores of India & 70+ stores of Singapore. You can easily find Amazon Coupons, Askmebazaar Coupons, Shopclues Coupons etc.

Q.In how many countries CouponzGuru is available?

Currently CouponzGuru is available in India & Singapore.

Q.What are benefits of this CouponzGuru and why to use this?

There are many benefits of using this CouponzGuru. One main benefit is you can find offers of 500+ stores of India & 70+ stores of Singapore at a single place instead of searching every marketplace manually. You should use this because you can save many bucks using this site.

Q.Is CouponzGuru free to use or it requires paid subscription?

This service is absolutely available for free. There are no paid subscription that you need to buy to get benefit from CouponzGuru.

Q.Why are they providing this service for free?

You may have heard about affiliates. Every time you buy products using offers listed on their website they earn some percentage to commision from those Online Stores. Apart from that they also believe in providing quality & unique content for their visitors.

Q.What are the steps to Save Money while Shopping Online from CouponzGuru?

There are different steps for different online stores. Some require to enter coupon at time of checkout, some only require to open from link etc. You can check out brief how to guide in footer section of CouponzGuru.

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