Samsung Galaxy S7 is in the Making!


The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have already been shown off at the Mobile World Congress that was held in Barcelona few days ago. It’s been almost three weeks since the smartphone is out and we set our countdown timer for the next Samsung Galaxy S series flagship device. For the next one, we vouch for the name Samsung GalaxyS7 which is just a going with the flow trend, since there have been no changes at all in the naming policy in all these generations. The company has taken a great leap with the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge, however, because of technological innovations in the upcoming months the Galaxy S7 will be simply outstanding and outrunning all these predecessors.

All Metallic Body Design

Samsung fans have been complaining for all these years that Samsung flagship smartphones don’t really feel premium. Because they are made of plastic and the back cover just comes off like ‘cheap’ smartphones. Even though these claims weren’t really backed up fruitful points; this was still a concern for people who want their money’s worth. And to satisfy the Samsung fans and zip up every hater’s mouth, Samsung has introduced an S series flagship in a metallic chassis. Since the trend has begun, it is going to continue for at least two more generations before something else shows up and takes over.

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have Gorilla Glass 4 on both front and rear panels of these smart phones. While using Gorilla Glass 4 gives more sturdiness, they also enhance the beauty of this smartphones since there will be almost no scratches on the glass surface because of the scratch free glasses.

Now, the Samsung could really work on making this design even better. There could be a rational blend of some other metal and glass; brushed aluminum would soon get mainstream; and the premium smartphones would require some other metal to opt to. Samsung Galaxy S7 could be the pioneer and if they do it right, the most market share will be in Samsung’s possession.

A Hypothetical Hardware Configuration

Two smartphones under the branding Galaxy S6 have just been released and so we can’t really give an update about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 yet. There will be some astonishing changes that are what we expect, but expecting off the boundaries will surely cause disappointment.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is more likely to have an Octa Core 3GHz processor, could be even 4GHz during overclock. The display would most certainly be 4K; and if the processor is faster enough to process data then it could be 3D display as well – a glassless one. The dimension of the display is most likely to keep the Galaxy S tradition – nothing more than 5.3 inches.

Apart from a 128 GB max internal memory option, there would be an 8GB RAM as well. To ensure security, the home button will double as the fingerprint scanner like Samsung has put in recent Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices; but the one in Galaxy S7 would certainly be better.

We expect to see a 20 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera with wide framing. No update regarding the camera chip yet, but expect to have OIS and better selfie technologies.

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