Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6 : Comparison of Top Two Upcoming Smart Phones


There are numerous differences between industry competition. Things such as the Pepsi/Coke or McDonalds/Burger King competitions are as good as resolved. Battles such as Playstation vs. Xbox still rage, though the PS4 has won this time. People say, “Would the PS4 have won if it didn’t have such great games?” to which to answer would be “Of course not you drooling moron.” A next gen console that only plays Tetris would have triumphed as well as a car with cheese wheels. But, what is it that makes a Smartphone better than the other? Is it all about specs? Is innovation another word for “adding more for the sake of it?”

Unlocking your phone

The continued use of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner is assured when it comes to Apple. They have factories producing the technology and are unlikely to start use of their eye-scanning tech anytime soon. Some suggest that it may be utilized for more than just unlocking your phone, but whatever the use it is going to be present with the next Apple iPhone 6. They also have their version of NFC called iBeacons, and that is likely to play a part for the simple reason that it gives them one more piece of tech to add to their phone so that review articles such as this have to rule in their favor thanks to the sheer weight of technology present.

Samsung already has eye tracking, but it is not as sophisticated as eye scanning. It simply uses the phone camera to look for circles with white patches nearby and it assumes it is your eye. It is not used for unlocking your phone, and that is very unlikely to be the case with the Samsung Galaxy S6. What it does is power down when you are not looking at it, which is all fine and good unless you are wearing sunglasses. It is also rumored to allow you to scroll down the page with your eyes, but surely that technology is going to be riddled with bugs, especially if you look down at your thumb by accident.

Samsung is rumored to be putting touch ID on their phone so that you can unlock it. They are also rumored to be setting up a deal with PayPal so that you can authorize a payment with your thumbprint instead of using a password, though how they are going to get around the flaws this may incur a little concerning when people start embedding fingerprint scanners into everything you touch so that all they need is your email address to confirm payments. Still, the fact that they are setting up the payment deal means that they are yet again one step ahead of Apple (though it is not exactly a dynamite blast of an action).

A rumor layered with a mystery

It is said that the Samsung Galaxy S6 may use Wi-Fi and 4G simultaneously to help people download at very fast speeds. This sounds a little implausible as a phone feature but will make for good advertising if it is true. There is also a rumor that they are going to have a place to put your fingerprint on the rear of the phone that monitors your heart rate with the S-Health 3.0 app, but this seems pretty pointless when you remember that many phones may use an app that allows you to put your thumb on your camera in order to take your pulse rate.

Samsung is going to make the Samsung Galaxy S6 running at 3GHZ. This is an unconfirmed rumor, but one wonders how true it is. Firstly it would be impractical, and secondly, it is going to drink up the battery life, but the Smartphone market is all about one-upping the next, which is why we have 16-megapixel cameras on mobile devices, so maybe it is true.

Don’t be stupid rumors

These are the rumors to which your reply should be, “Don’t be a fool you oafish trout.” the rumor is that Apple iPhone 6 will have 16 core processors. If this is true, then it is a sign of desperation from Apple and a huge case of overkill. Having four processors is more than enough for any app or game on the market or even games in development.

Added to which, it would be useless for most apps. To work with multiple processors, the app must be designed a little like a pizza where each processor takes a slice to do a little of the work. What app designer is going to create an app that has 16 pizza sliced (speaking metaphorically of course) for today’s technology? Maybe in the future when the iPhone can be used to replace human eyes, but not for current needs and uses.

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