How to Root Sony Xperia M


Sony Xperia M is a budget 4 inch phone announced in June 2013 with 1 GHz dual core processor, 1 GB RAM, 4 GB internal storage, 5 MP HD rear camera, VGA front camera and much more. In this post we are going to discuss how to root Sony Xperia M.

Sony Xperia M can be rooted by two methods One Click Root and Framaroot. Click any one method and follow it.

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  1. Dear Mehul,
    I have Sony Xperia C with an internal memory of 4 GB as per the specification given by SONY
    However, I have observed the memory is very much lower than 4GB which is segregated as follows–
    – 0.98 GB – as Device Memory out of which pre-existing Apps Consumed more than 400MBs, around 250 MBS consumed for back ground process and Cache and finally unabsorbed memory is available for users which is further consumed by other users Apps
    – 1.2 GB – as SD Card1 which we cannot be used for application storage and remain almost idle
    – 2.00 GB – it might be used for system programming and apps as I think so since in storage only aforesaid memory of 0.98GB and 1.2 GB reflects
    Considering the aforesaid low memory problem, I am not even able to use my facebook account, Gmail accounts and other user application since all the application consumed very high internal memory. I am not happy with the performance of this device after spending around 20K. I am tired of seeing the message your device running with low memory.
    Please guide me –
    – How to increase the internal storage since all application have some log data on the device memory itself even if they stored on external card ?
    – How can I use my 1.2 GB SD Card1 memory and SD Card (which is external memory of around 14.00 GB) for installation of application since in preferred memory only 2 options are available. One is device memory and second is SD Card – 14.00 GB ?
    – How to improve the performance of this device ?

    Your early response is kindly appreciated..

    Thanks in advance..

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