What is Roblox and How It Works?


You might have heard some online creation platforms. Roblox is one of the most popular online platforms that allow its users to create interesting games. A complete game can be developed using Roblox’s online Platform. Along with this, this platform doesn’t require a high-end machine to develop games. It just demands a PC with a decent internet connectivity. Apart from all these, Roblox doesn’t charge you anything to enjoy their games.

Creating the games is not only the option that is being offered by Roblox. Apart from creating, you can play games too that are already developed by some other user. In the complete mechanism of creating a games scene, virtual blocks are used as the primary and only component to build different characters or objects.

As mentioned above, Roblox is the best online platform to play games. But the question arises is Why is it so popular?

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Why is Roblox so popular?


Roblox had a history to offer some features that weren’t existing before they launched It themselves. Roblox was the only platform to offer 3D games. Apart from this, Games available at Roblox are created quite simply but with high graphics quality and are created with a motive to educate Kids.

History of Roblox

In 2006, Roblox was initially launched with a thought of offering some entertainment to the users. But after one year and till date, we have seen that Roblox is expanding every single day. Now, Roblox is not only a platform to play games or to create a game. Today thousands of people are earning through Roblox. Even you can earn free robux money through the Roblox generator using this article.

Before, looking into the Roblox let’s study its history and about the time it come into existence. Roblox was launched in the month of September 2006. But in 2004 i.e., two years earlier to the launch of Roblox, it came into existence but only for testing purpose. After a successful testing, Co-Founder and CEO David Baszucki renamed DynaBlocks (older name) to Roblox in 2005 and started building an official body for the Platform. That body is now taking care of Roblox and is named as Roblox Corporation.

Name Changed to Roblox

When asked, why the DynaBlocks is renamed to Roblox?, founder Mr. Erik Cassel mentioned that earlier they were not clear to offer a platform to the users to create games, but gradually they discovered that users wanted a platform more instead of Game PlayStation. He added that from the very initial days, Roblox games were based on “Robots” that were virtually made up of “Blocks”. So that’s why corporation decided to name it Roblox (Ro from “Robots” and Blox from “Blocks”).

This was the phase when Roblox was going through some sort of testing and from the year 2004 to 2006, Roblox was going lots of transformations so that it can offer the most of it to the users. But, the cycle of transformation of doesn’t end here. It was under regular observance. To understand the Roblox’s journey more deeply, we have to look over its timeline.

Timeline of Roblox

On March 2007

Roblox did some security updates in its program. Roblox Corporation added a feature of Chat with the Support. Along with this, they applied an age restriction and only 13+ kids and other users can login into Roblox. According to Corporation, Roblox can influence small kids and can off track them.

Apart from this, due to some popularity, Roblox introduced a premium membership to get some extra revenue from the users. Though it cot some more bucks but then too people were continuously appreciating Roblox for its features.

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On December 2011

Roblox corporation organized an event for the developers to think out of the box, in order to get prize reward from the corporation. This event was proved out to be a successful marketing strategy for the Roblox Corporation.

On December 2012

After getting huge appreciation from Windows users, Roblox Corporation decided to expand their reach over iOS devices. Along with this, they were getting enormous demands from the iOS users to launch their iOS version.

On October 2013

Roblox platform introduced their own virtual currency i.e “Robux”. From 2013, developers need to trade in Robux and then they need to fees to convert their Robux into Real money. Thus, it was another way for Roblox Corporation to earn revenue from Developers. Along with this, they were already taking some amount as a commission from the developers on every successful sale.

In 2015

2015 was a quite interesting and profitable year as per the Roblox Corporation. They introduced some new graphics option that helped developers to create interesting games. In 2015, Roblox expanded a bit more and they launched their selective game’s version for Xbox Users.

In April 2016

From the very initial days, Roblox was smart enough to adopt the latest technology. Roblox Corporation was having an eagle eye on the Upcoming technologies and they were adopting those so that they can maintain their position among other Online Platforms. In 2016, they come up with a Roblox VR so that users can enjoy the games virtually. Along with this, it was quite easy for the developers to test their created game using VR technology.

In January 2017

A toy manufacturer joins Roblox Corporation and manufactured 40 small toys of some more common and most popular figures from the Roblox games.

Till date, around 30 million USD dollars are generated by the 1.4 million developers from Roblox developing mode. Apart from this, around 65 million users are enjoying the features of Roblox platform.

Availability of Roblox

Roblox Games

Earlier, Roblox was only available for the PC users. But as per the timeline, you can play games and enjoy Roblox and can operate it through your PlayStation, Xbox, and Android Device, iOS device or iMac device. Along with this, you can download the Roblox App from Apple App store, Android Play Store, Amazon Store or Microsoft App Store.

Most of the games or platform don’t support Windows Smartphones because of less usability but, Roblox is easily operable through any of the Windows devices. As mentioned above it is available on the Microsoft App store too.

So, this was all about Roblox and its history. Now talking about,

How Roblox works?

Roblox Studio

Basically, Roblox allows the developers to download their Roblox Studio which contains all the required tools to create a game place. This, Studio is available in the form of setup, you have to download and need to install it in your respective device.

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Getting a Template

Roblox Studio contains all the required frames to create a game scene but if in case you want to create a premium game, then you need to buy templates from the official Roblox developer team and after that, you can buy.

After getting a template, you need to create the background of your game including the scenes and other objects using the given tools in the studio. You can modify the objects and can create any kind of object using the blocks.

Creating a Character

Now, in order to create the game character, you need to pick every character from the pre-developed characters or if you are a premium member and a high-level developer then you can create the characters.

But for Normal developers, predeveloped characters are there to pick from. Although you can change their apparels and their color. You can customize each and every aspect of character and objects that are already developed in the template.

Publishing the Game

Once you feel like you have created your desired game then, unlike some app stores or game platforms you need not pay anything in order to publish your game. You just have to save the game and can easily, publish your game through the Studio itself.


Look, it was so easy to create your own Game. But if in case you are an experienced developer and developing decent quality games. Then Roblox offers you a feature of Groups to sell and buy games from Co-developers.

These Groups allow different users or developers to communicate with other and they can even create a team. Groups allow a developer to advertise their created game and can sell it to other developers. Apart from this, the group can present their own created Dress and obstacles in order to promote them and can earn through them. To avoid scams and other cheating, Group members can select a guy or many as the moderators of the group or admins.

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So, this was all about the Roblox, Roblox working and about its Studio. Roblox is not only popular due to their virtual or online platform, Roblox Corporation also organizes some events that empower local talents to present their created games or some other talent. As the tradition, Roblox offers some cash rewards and several types of Certification. To know more about future events, you can visit the official website of Roblox.

We conclude our guide here. It was a complete guide regarding Roblox. Hope it was helpful to you and if you want, you can also give a try to Roblox and can enjoy the features offered by them.



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