How to Remove Passwords from PDF Files


Many of you might have downloaded PDF files having password protection. Password protection is generally done in the case that only limited and authenticated users can see it’s content. But once you downloaded that PDF file everytime you open that file you have to enter the password in order to see it’s content. It’s annoying. So it will be better to remove the password. So in this post, we are going to introduce a software named iStonsoft PDF Password Remover which will help you to remove passwords from PDF files.

Salient features

  • Supports all version of Adobe PDF documents
  • Compatible & can decrypt any PDF
  • No compromise in quality of document after decrypting
  • Easy to use interface : It’s a 3 step process : Open -> Import -> Decrypt
  • All language support: It can decrypt document written in any language.
  • Standalone program: It does not require any 3rd party PDF viewer like Adobe Reader etc.
  • Platform Compatibility: Available for both platform: Windows & Mac.

How to Use

As in feature section, we have mentioned that it is an easy 3 step process but still if you are experiencing any difficulty or confusion then check out the brief tutorial on how to remove PDF password.


PDF Password Remover is available at $14.95. Though before buying it if you need to test & check how it works, you can also download a free trial.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for PDF password remover, you should definitely try this. And before buying you can also check out the free trial. Though the price is little more than ordinary you will love it.

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