How to Record Video from Computer Screen & Other Devices


When you want to create a video, the first question that you need to ask yourself is:

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How do you intend to record the footage that you need?

Nowadays there are many ways in which you could capture video footage and create content. This includes digital cameras, smartphones, computer and so on.

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However, you could also create a video directly from your PC with a few extra tools. Are you thinking of recording computer screen?

Then you could do so by grabbing it straight off your screen or capturing footage via a webcam or even a TV tuner.

On top of that, you could also acquire the footage that you want by importing AVCHD camera footage, or by digitizing existing VHS tapes and turning them into digital files.

Assuming you want to have the flexibility to be able to capture video from your PC screen or any of these other sources then Movavi Screen Capture Studio will have you covered on all fronts. You can use it for recording videos on windows and mac for free.

All you need to do is install and launch the software, and then you can choose to:

Record video from webcams, TV tuners, or by digitizing VHS tapes

Record video from webcams, TV tuners, or by digitizing VHS tapes


To create a video by recording it from a webcam or TV tuner, or by digitizing VHS tapes follow the guide given below:

  1. The first step is to make sure your device is connected to your PC. (In the case of a TV tuner or VHS tape you may need an analog to digital converter to do so. If the connection is successful, a notification should pop up letting you know that your PC has detected it.)
  2. Once the device that you want to use is connected, click ‘Edit Video’ in the main menu. Then choose ‘Record Video’ to open the window that you need.
  3. Assuming the device is connected properly, you should be able to find it in the list under ‘Video capture device’. And you will be able to select the webcam, TV tuner or VHS player that is going to provide the input.
  4. Within that same window, you’ll also find several other settings and should go over them to make sure everything is as you want it.
  5. Whenever you are satisfied, click ‘Start Capture’ to start recording. (and play the VHS tape at the same time if you’re digitizing it). And then ‘Stop Capture’ when you are done.
  6. The video that you recorded will automatically be saved into the destination folder that was specified – so that’s all that needs to be done.

Record video from Computer screen

Record Computer Screen

  1. When you’re recording video footage directly from your PC screen even without a camera, you won’t need to connect any devices and can select ‘Record screen’ in the main menu of Movavi Screen Capture Studio instead.
  2. Once you do, you can define the area that you want to record by drawing a frame around it using the mouse cursor.
  3. Alternatively, you could click on a window to record just that area, or choose one of the presets under ‘Capture Area’.
  4. Be sure to check the audio source to make sure the right one is highlighted so that it records from either the ‘System Audio’ or ‘Microphone’ (or both).
  5. Assuming everything checks out. Then click ‘REC’ to begin recording and then ‘Stop’ after recording is done.
  6. After the recording is complete, all that remains is to click on the ‘Save as’ button to save it.

Import video from AVCHD cameras

Import video from AVCHD cameras

  1. In the same fashion as recording from a webcam or other devices, you will first want to make sure the AVCHD camera is connected to the PC.
  2. Launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio.
  3. Select ‘Edit Video’ in the main menu then ‘Record Video’.
  4. After the new window opens, you should look to the left portion. You will see a list of the recordings captured on the AVCHD camera.
  5. To import any of those recordings, just select the ones that you want. Then click ‘Add files to editor’ to transfer them over.

That is essentially all you need to know about how to capture video on PC from multiple different devices.

It will let you easily choose what type of video source you want to use as your final video.

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Do you have videos from other sources such as digital cameras or smartphones?

You can also load them into Movavi Screen Capture Studio. All you need to do is open the editor and drag and drop them into it.

Editing & Post-Recording Process

Editing Recorded Videos

After you’ve recorded or imported the footage you need, what to do next?

The next thing you should do is edit it with the features in Studio.

  1. The First step in editing is to process it to iron out the HD footage and make it more presentable.
  2. As a starting point could begin by trimming out any unnecessary footage from your videos, merging clips together. Also, rearranging the sequence in which they appear, improving the video quality, and fixing any problems with it.
  3. In no time your video will start to look much more impressive. And you can get creative as you give it some flair.

Rest assured Movavi Screen Capture Studio will provide you with adequate tools to do so and without lag. And you can use them to insert stylish animated transitions, apply special effects and filters. Also, include audio tracks as background music or voiceovers, and much more.

After editing, you will end up with a great-looking video that matches the vision you had in mind for it. Be sure to explore the features that are in the software and experiment with them. Because the more familiar you are with each of them, the better you’ll be able to apply them. This will make sure that your videos turn out looking perfect.



  1. Hi Mehul,

    Thanks for this article but I was looking for how to add watermark or logo in Video. Do you have any idea for it.

  2. Thanks for taking the time for making this tutorial, really appreciated. I’d also recommend Acethinker Screen Recorder which I have been using for many years. It is an online tool that lets you record your screen right from the browser. You don’t have to install any additional plug-ins or add-ons. Share it here as an alternative method.


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