How to Play Google Dinosaur Game: Offline & Online Methods


The tech giant, Google has always been the most loved and most used search engine all across the globe. If you have ever used Android phones then you would probably be well aware of the Easter eggs offered after each major OS version’s update in Android’s software. Not only Android but Google adds these Easter Eggs to their other services such as Chrome browser, YouTube, Google Search, etc. since around 2000.

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There had been a lot of Easter Eggs since 2000 and all of them are still interesting and amazing. The recent Easter egg that came up with the Latest Update of Android OS of v8.0 had a blue octopus because of which all of us got confused about the name of Android 8.0. But finally Google came up with the name as Android Oreo and that octopus is just a new Easter egg and nothing else. Let us now talk about one such interesting and wonderful Easter egg that came up with Google Chrome browser.

Chrome had always been the most popular and feature loaded browser in the history of the Internet. It is most used Web Browser worldwide, no matter whatever device or OS you use. As of the recent reports, Google Chrome shares more than 63% of the total web browser’s usage around the world as a desktop browser. There are lots of reasons why Chrome is a better browser than any other browser out there.

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Also, it is one of the major components of Chrome OS that the users use to access web apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. And because of such great success of Google Chrome, they have extended its brand name to Chromecast, Chromebook, Chromebox, Chromebit, Chromebase, etc.

Have you ever run out of network on Google Chrome on your PC or smartphone? I guess you probably had no matter if you use Android, Mac, iOS or Windows. We have already seen how Google plans to make connectivity issues intermittent less of a hindrance through cache page loading strategy. But the latest builds and/or updates of Chrome come with something different and extraordinary. This could be a good time pass until your network gets connected again.

Chrome T-Rex or Dinosaur Game: Introduction

The new hidden feature of Chrome brings a 2D game that can be played when you run out of network connection. The new network error page now has a cute endless running game. The T-Rex character is made based on 8-bit designs that were used previously in many games and animations. But still, it looks really attractive while you get to see it. Now let us have a look at what is in this game and how you to play it perfectly.

Features of Dinosaur Game of Google Chrome

The goal is just as simple as other endless running and racing games. You need to run as far as you and as long as you can until the character gets crashed with some obstacles. You need to cross the hurdles that come in the way and reach the end but as there’s no end of the way in which the character runs you can play till death. Here are all the important features at a glance:

  • Endless game, i.e. play until the character dies
  • Single player game (no multiplayer kind of thing)
  • 8 bit T-Rex character looks amazing
  • Obstacles are made and animated perfectly
  • Easy to use and play

Now when you have got to know about all the features of the Chrome Dinosaur game, although it does not have many, the time has come that you should know how to play this game and how it can be used on a variety of devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac OS, etc.

How to Play Chrome Dinosaur or T-Rex Game?

As I have already mentioned the game is simple and easy to play so you need not require any special skills or anything to play this game. Even you can beat the high score easily because you are only who plays the game at that particular time. Here is the detailed information about how you can play this game in Chrome browser.

The game does not need any special keys or too many keys to move it as it the character runs on its own and you only need to save it from obstacles that come in its way. If you don’t need any extra stress and play the game without any a headache then follow the required steps.

You can download Google Chrome from official site, click here.

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No-Internet or Offline Method

You might be running Linux, Windows or Mac in your PC, but don’t worry as all of them have advantages and disadvantages of their own, so as they have different methods to run this game. So we have got separate methods for you.

On Windows PC

First of all your Internet connection should be turned off. In case it is turned on by any means like Wi-Fi or USB Data Connector or Router or anything else then disconnect your internet connection or permanently disable it using Firewall.

Now as soon as you are done just follow any of the sites that you like the most. For example let us just open the most used website, i.e. or you can try this with any other site of your choice, no matter whatever it may be related to.

As your internet connection is totally disabled you will find that the message is been displayed as ‘This site can’t be reached. Please check your internet connection’. But my friend you don’t need to look after your internet connection instead take care of the dinosaur that is been displayed beside this warning.

Instead of looking after that warning press the space key on your keyboard, if you are using Chrome browser on Windows, and start playing the game. You need to continuously press the space bar as soon as the character comes closer to some obstacle and/or enemy.

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game Offline

You will now find that everything is in 8 bit from the character to the background and enemies but still it looks amazing and you would just love to play this wonderful game in any of your devices, in case your internet connection got stuck in some problem.

As soon as you cross each of those checkpoints, i.e. after every 100 points the running speed of the character increases by some ratio and the obstacles seem passing more frequently so you need to be very alert to beat your previous high score.

As soon as you cross something like 700 or 800 of score the background and majority of the screen will change to the dark theme. This dark theme might distract you at first but you won’t regret it after a while as it seems to be more wonderful than the usual one. But as you move around 500 more points the theme will be changed again to the usual one and will again distract you. But I’m sure when you have been playing this game for a while this won’t distract you anymore, instead, you will wait for the theme to get changed.

On Linux or Mac

For playing this T-Rex Dinosaur game in Linux or Mac OS you need to install the Chrome browser on your PC. As both of these are different OS so their setup will be different as well. So download and install the browser according to your OS from the links given below:

Now, as soon as you have installed the Chrome browser on your PC the process is same just like the Windows one. So simply follow the steps of playing the game in the offline mode provided in the Windows one.

On Android Smartphones & Tablets

You might be using smartphones or tablets in your day to day life and want to know about playing this game on your favorite device. But do you know that the process iOS almost the same for each and every smartphone or tablet out there, only if they are running on Android or iOS?

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Make sure that you have installed the Chrome browser on your device and you don’t have an internet connection by any means like Wi-Fi or Mobile Data. In case it is turned on, just turn off your internet connection as soon as possible and get to the Chrome browser.

Now open any website, just like we have done with PC, e.g. open and you will find that the page can’t be reached as you have disabled the internet connection. And beside this message you will see the T-Rex character, so simply single or double on that character to wake it up and start the game.

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game Android

Download Chrome from Google Play Store

The process to wake up the character explained above might differ from OS to OS and version to version, but I’m sure you can adjust with that find it yourself. In case you still face any kind of problem, do let us know in the comment section below. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Now you are all ready to play the offline version of the T-Rex Dinosaur game of Chrome in any of your devices.

But hey wait! We haven’t talked anything about the online version of this game. Why not have a few points and information on the online version this game as well. So let us have a look at that in the details given below.

Online Methods

There is an online version of this Chrome’s Easter egg – Dinosaur Game as well. Here you need to log in to your Google account, no matter how many you have, you can use any of your accounts as credentials. Just enter the email address and the password that you use it and voila you are all set to play the game online.

As soon as you are done you will find the global leaderboard and a few more options like share on Twitter and invite your friends etc. So instead of just beating your own high score now you can compete with other players from all across the globe and try to beat their high scores as well. Some of the players out there have crossed the scores beyond your imagination and became the top players in the world.

But wait how to get this online or offline version of the game on your device? We haven’t talked anything about this till now. So let us know have a look at how you can play this game in different ways on your devices including iPad, iPhone, Windows, Android, Linux and Mac OS.

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Update: This Method Works on All Devices Having Chrome Installed

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Go to “chrome://dino”. You will get “There is no Intenet connection” error with error code “ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED”.
  3. Now start playing normally with spacebar.

On Windows/Linux/Mac

I assume that you have already downloaded and installed the Chrome browser on your PC, no matter if it is running Linux, Mac or Windows. The process for running the online version will be same for all the OS.

Just go to your Chrome browser and search for T-Rex game extension on the Chrome Web Store. Or just go to the direct link for chrome extension from here. Now add that extension to your Chrome browser and wait until the process gets completed.

Dinosty Chrome Extension

Once you are done, start playing the game. Although we have provided in-depth details about the online version before in this article still if something is left, don’t worry about that as you will learn everything else on your own about the online game.

On Android Smartphone or Tablet or iOS Device

As we have mentioned already that all these processes will work only if you are running Android or iOS on your smartphone or tablet so before we move on keep this thing very clear in your mind.

Dino T-Rex Play Store

The only thing you need to do is that download the app available on Google Play Store, for Android users and the app available on iTunes for iOS users. Here are the separate download links for both the devices.

Dino T-Rex iTunes

As soon as you are done, open up the apks and start enjoying the game!!

Final Verdict

The Chrome T-Rex Dinosaur Game has been very popular since its launch with the Easter Egg of Chrome Browser. Although it does not have high-end graphics or story or something like that, still is one of the most loved game all across the globe. And on great demand, we came across this article on this game and how you can play it on your favorite device. Hope you enjoyed reading the article.

Do let us know about your high score and your thoughts on the game in the comment section below. Also in case, you faced any kind of problem while playing the game or installation process tells us in the comment section below. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Thank You.


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