Latest Pen-Style Technology for Personal Networking Gadget Package


Computers affect our life in a much more significant way than we have ever imagined. We are heavily relying on computers even in our everyday lives. Most professions today need computer knowledge and ability to use computer software. The very first model of computer was very big in size. As the years went by, innovations in technology continued, and the size of computers became small. The features went on increasing, and the size has come down for the sake of convenience. Today it has come to an extent where a 9 inch IPad is the much-preferred type of computer.

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The P-ISM (Pen- Style Personal Networking Gadget Package) consists of a package of five pens that have unique functions. A pen-style cellular phone with a handwriting data input function, a virtual keyboard, a very small projector, camera scanner and personal ID key with cashless pass function are those five units of a Pen-style package. P-ISMs are connected with one another through a short-range wireless technology. Through cellular phone function, the whole set is connected to the internet. Technology has made such immense progress that we are witnessing the connection between the latest technology and the human being in the form of a pen. This personal gadget helps in ubiquitous computing.

The virtual keyboard of the P-ISM works on any flat surface. It uses a camera to track the finger movements. This keyboard uses 3D IR sensor technology along with laser technology. There are also options to change the language input. This virtual keyboard is easy to use and maintain. The LED projector uses LCD technology and works as the monitor. P-ISM just by using five pens gives the impression of a computer and in fact, works like a computer. GPS navigation system is used in auto mobiles which locate the user on the road in the unit’s map database. Drivers equipped with in-car navigation units are said to use less fuel since the navigation system shows them the shortest route. The navigation pen takes less internal and external car space. It is easier to handle and use it. The size and weight of it are also very less.

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P-SIM is not yet available in the market. It is still in the designing process. It is initially designed for people who want to experience a full sized computer in a small package while traveling. Its extra benefits have widened the target audience, and now business owners and police officers begin to use it. All parts of P-SIM already exist though clients cannot buy it yet. P-SIM is different from all its existing parts because it is designed in the form of a pen. The target audience of this package is travelers. But its fragile structure makes it more prone to easy damage. One cannot afford to damage it since each of the pens costs a fortune. The structure is still in the making process, and it may undergo changes in the subsequent period. Let us hope for stronger, more efficient models of P-SIM in the coming years.

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