Paytm Review – Best Mobile/DTH Recharge Service


There are a large number of services and app available for mobile/dth recharge but for simplifying our problem we just need one service/app which can handle all of our recharges. So in this post, we are going to discuss its features, why it is better than other services? why do we need to use it? what are its benefits? etc.

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Here we are going for an in-depth review by a Question-Answer method so that it will not be boring. ;)

Why do we need to Recharge Online? It can also be done offline and locally

  • Local recharge shop may be closed on some days but online will never be closed.
  • Online recharge is a time saver. You don’t have to go to the shop.
  • You can see all available offers online but this may not be possible at local shop.
  • and there are many more benefits, keep searching :)

Why do we need to use Third-Party service for recharges? Can’t we use Network/DTH provider official website for recharging purpose?

We are sure that most of the person reading this post will have more than one SIM card of different network providers and they may have two DTH services from different providers. If you want to manage all of them through official website you have to log-in & recharge differently for each.

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By using a Third-party app you can manage all of these problems from a single page. I hope that this is the clear answer to your question.

So the above questions was the generally asked questions by most of the peoples. Now moving forward to more questions. This will be direct questions about Paytm.

Why have we considered Paytm as the best service?

There are a number of things about Paytm we have liked which are briefly given below :

  • It is available on all platforms : Web, Android, Windows & iOS.
  • You can recharge any number & DTH from any service provider within just 10 seconds with Paytm Cash Wallet.
  • You can also check out available recharge option for particular providers.
  • Now you can also pay various bills like electricity, gas etc.
  • You can also shop various products from Paytm at very good rates.
  • Paytm coupons are released frequently.
  • There are many more benefits of using Paytm which cannot be explained literally.
  • You can contact Paytm Customer Care Support anytime and they are very responsive.

What is Paytm Cash Wallet?

Paytm have online wallet system which stores money online once transferred by you, so that you don’t have to enter your bank credentials or card details everytime you recharge.

Benefits of using Paytm Cash Wallet

  • If your order/recharge fails, the respected amount will automatically be credited in your Paytm Cash Wallet.
  • You can use Paytm Cash Wallet to check out quickly for your recharges & orders.
  • According to Paytm, soon you will be able to pay with Paytm Cash at many online destinations outside Paytm.

Which Payment options are available on Paytm?

Most of the payment options like Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, ATM Card, IMPS etc are available on Paytm.

What are Paytm Coupons & from where I can get it?

Paytm coupons are like promo codes from which you can cash back and discount on your order and recharges. Hence this is a money saver. You can find Paytm offers and coupons on its official blog:

We are waiting for more question. Put your questions in comment box.

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