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On April 7, 2014
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This app allows you to download offline map of almost all countries around the world for free. It also provide an immense application interface with real-time data.

So, what GPS stands for? I know most of you already know the answer, which is for navigation. So let us discuss some

What is the difference between GPS and AGPS (Assisted GPS)?

Normal GPS works on the direct GPS signals without any need of internet connection. While Assisted GPS can only be used with working internet connection.

Who gives more accurate data, location and navigation information?

GPS gives more accurate data, location and navigation information. With a good GPS signal it can locate you with 2-5 m accuracy which is awesome. While in Assisted GPS the accuracy can vary largely.

How to check whether your android phone has inbuilt GPS receiver or only AGPS and how to enable it?

  1. Navigate to settings in your android device.
  2. Find Location Access menu in settings and tap it.
  3. You will find something like this.Offline GPS App For Android
  4. Tick Access to my location and Wi-Fi & mobile network Location.
  5. Turn on GPS satellites option. After turning it on click it. Now you will get something like this.Offline GPS App For Android
  6. Tick the GPS EPO assistance and A-GPS.
  7. Go to EPO settings and tick auto download.
  8. Connect your phone to internet via Wi-Fi or Data connection.
  9. Click download button it will only take a few seconds to download the Satellite position data.
  10. After you have checked and completed the above steps successfully we can proceed further.

How to test your device GPS?

  1. Download an application named GPS status from Play store. Download Link
  2. Go to an open window or an open place where you can see sky clearly.
  3. Open GPS status. Wait for approximately 5 minutes to get a location lock for first time. You will see something like this.Offline GPS App For Android
  4. If you doesn’t have location lock after 5 minutes. Click Reset GPS and then click Get Xtra data. (Make sure to keep your internet connection ON)
  5. You will get a Location lock within few minutes and you will see something like this.Offline GPS App For Android
  6. Now close that application.

How to install and use offline GPS app for Android without need of internet connection?

You might be aware that for navigation we have inbuilt app named Google Maps. But this app requires a working internet connection. In this app you can also save some part of map for offline use but it not good for frequent and dynamic use. So here I will introduce you an application which I like the most and which is also available for free.

  1. Download an application named Sygic from Play store. Download link
  2. Open up that application and follow the on screen instructions.
  3. Download the necessary files and state(s) maps.
  4. Now you are done. There are many great features in this app explore it and share your experience about this in the comment section below.

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