Why Mobile Apps Are Must For Your Enterprise – 5 Factors


Google Play houses close to 2.9 million apps and iOS App Store, around 2.2 million apps. On average, a mobile user spends 2 to 3 hours with his/her mobile apps. Looking at the healthy stats of the two prominent app stores and consumers growing penchant for apps, one can easily anticipate and understand the roles of a mobile app development company in empowering consumers and enterprises both.

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Top 5 Reasons that Your Enterprise Can’t Do Without Mobile Apps

1. Growing IT Consumerization

Since the Dot.com collapse, IT consumerization has emerged as one of the biggest trends. Technology now finds its way faster to the bedroom and drawing room of consumers than to the meeting or boardroom.

Of the pool of IT resources that influence people and make their lives convenient, mobile apps are an important cohort.  Interestingly, the app usage has reached a level of addiction. The situation brings challenges and opportunities in equal measures for enterprises.

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The challenge lies in curbing the use of apps that kill time and productivity and make sensitive data vulnerable, and the opportunity is in encouraging the use of authenticated apps in a productive manner.

Let’s take a look at CP  Jobsite, which is compatible with Android and iOS. The app helps contractors offering residential and commercial painting services under the aegis of CertaPro Painters in the US to manage their dispersed workforce. The supervisor and their staff can stay connected with the app. They can share real time stats on the progress made. Thus, the app helps the vendor to drive workforce productivity, completes projects on time and maximize benefits.

Thus, it’s not just a productivity app but also a means to keep customers satisfied.

2. Dispersed Business

Dispersed Business

In a globalized economy, mobile apps are quickly diluting the territorial boundaries. Whether it’s keeping a dispersed workforce connected to drive collaboration and productivity or acquiring and serving customers beyond boundaries, or withstanding compliances staying in touch with offshore or onshore regulators, nothing remains challenging with the availability of mobile applications.

3. Growing BYOD

The trend has gained momentum with the generation shift (marked by the entry of GEN Y or Millennials) that is apparently visible in every workplace. These small form factor devices are mostly occupied by mobile or web apps based on iOS, Android, AngularJS, Cordova/PhoneGap or other native or cross platform app development frameworks.  Let’s take into account the adoption of BYOD and its business value propositions.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Availability of hi-tech tablets and smartphones with envying configuration (that was once available with premium desktops and laptops) at competitive prices and access to enterprise-level device management and security software are favoring the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept.

Gartner has highlighted the benefit of BYOD in terms of productivity citing the reasons that employees feel more comfortable to work with a device and apps that are familiar to them. The development not only boosts productivity and business efficiency but also reduces the technology investment cost as they don’t need to provide workstations or devices to employees. In 2016, 38% of employers stopped facilitating devices to employees.

4. Rising Operating Cost

The rising cost of talent acquisition and retention, growing number of compliances, growing expectations of consumers, and the emergence of new competitors often exert extra pressure on enterprises to check operational cost. While doing, they have to make sure that the quality of products or services offered doesn’t get sacrificed.

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Rising Cost

Mobility has emerged as a key weapon to help enterprises cope with the adversity of the new economy. And mobile app development companies particularly offering Android and iOS app development services are fortunate to make big of the opportunities as Android and iOS both control 99% of the mobile operating system market share.

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Thus, incurring technology investment is an inevitable thing nowadays. However, it must be done prudentially. Here, comes the planning of the app. Sit down with your people to craft the blueprint. Take note of the goals, the workflow or process that you want to simplify with the app, challenges there, the user experience and expectations and much more before you hire the app development company or a freelancer.

5. Rising Security Risk

Though smartphones and tablets are often used outside a company network, it’s surprising to learn that most of the enterprise security breaches happen through compromised computer systems. It clearly gives a thumbs up to BYOD culture and the use of mobile apps. Here are key reasons that make mobile apps secure:

“Mobile apps that are duly signed and vetted by developers make their ways to app stores like Google Play, App Store, and others. And, before being published, they have to qualify the app review process.”

Google Play Store

Even if, happens rarely, a mobile app gets infected with viruses or malware, they won’t be able to spread to the device and infect other apps. Thanks to the application sandboxing, a feature that is widely made available by mobile operating system owners. Isolating app data and app execution it prevents infection and, hence, is helpful in curbing malicious threats.

Hope you found the tech blog informative and purposeful. Engineering a mobile app is actually engineering a user experience. Hence, get the job done only by a trusted player that has earned a proven track record in building mobile awesome mobile experience.

It’s also important that you stay in constant touch with their UI-UX designers, developers, and quality analysts. Make sure that the partner you choose follows Agile software development methodology. As it allows you to incorporate your feedback or suggestion at any point of the development phase.

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