How To Market Your Business Like A Pro in 2019


Let’s face it – marketing is what makes or breaks a business. It’s not all that fair, but it’s how business works.

The best and most innovative ideas ever aren’t anything more than products on a shelf, and marketing is what turns that product into a brand.

Running a small business is hard, and comes with an incredibly long list of responsibilities and obligations. A small business owner is an investor, the accountant, the handyman, the salesman and the customer service agent at the same time. Adding marketing to the mix seems like the last straw.

However, there are ways you can handle the seemingly impossible task of marketing. In fact, you can get so good at it that you’re bound to see your business grow and transform – all without spending a dime on it.

How’s that possible you might ask? Don’t worry – we’ve got it all covered.

How To Market Your Business Like A Pro

1. Create a free website

Establishing a solid online presence for your company is a must. Not only will it help your customers find you and get to know you much easier, it will also serve as a basis for all of your marketing efforts.

Site123 Website Builder

Creating a website is easy and you can do it in minutes, that is if you’re using SITE123. SITE123 is an incredible website builder that allows you to create an incredible website in no time. Its intuitive interface and easy to use features, along with dozens of ready-made designs have already made a favorite among small business owners.

It automatically optimizes your website for mobile, and makes SEO a breeze, even for absolute beginners. It’s also free, making it a perfect tool for starting your marketing campaign.

2. Get on social media

Everybody and their grandma is on social media now, and there’s no reason why your company shouldn’t be.

Social Media

Creating profiles on all the major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram (Read: Emerging Instagram Trends), LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Places is free but can help you take your business to the next level.

Share behind the scenes photos if you’re setting up a new store or a new office. Show the, how your manufacturing process works or highlight your products in the best light possible.


People appreciate the raw, unfiltered approach they can get from companies on social media, and you should use it to connect with your customers. Having people spread the word about your business is the best kind of marketing you can get.

3. Go wild with special offers and promotions

If you’re running a brick and mortar store, organizing a promotion of a new product and offering discounts can really spread the word about your company.

Special Discounts

Kept your business online? Don’t worry – you can also share coupon codes and discounts via social media and sell your stuff online. This is the time to get creative – you can offer a discount to every new customer, or give coupons to customers who bring their friends and family to your store. The possibilities are endless and the returns are huge.

Final Word

While these marketing tactics might seem a bit too simple and naive in the beginning, they’re great starting points and allow you to get creative and put your own personal touch to them.

All of them are free and won’t take up much of your time or your money, but they are bound to spread the word about your business and transform it into a reputable brand.


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