LG G4 Specs, Features, Release date & Pricing Details


People have been asking when the LG G4 is going to come out, as the companies have begun rolling out the latest iteration of their flagship smartphones. Samsung has just unveiled their new flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge on the MWC 2015 today, which makes the LG fans wonder whether LG G4 is going to show up soon or this will take some while.

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LG has already occupied a good amount of smartphone market share by releasing few very reliable high-end smartphone devices in the market, including the Nexus 5. However, given that reputation is at its highest peak right now, everyone has better expectation from LG this time.

Update (January 2018): LG is discontinuing the G Series smartphones and rebranding it to some other series. This is confirmed by one of the spokesperson at LG. LG G6 is probably the last smartphone of the G Series.

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LG G4 Details & Overview

Release Date

Regarding the release of the product, we are still in a haze. The manufacturers are usually consistent when it comes to releasing their smartphones. But somehow, LG couldn’t keep track of their consistency between the LG G2 and the LG G3. There had been around 8 to 9 months gap in between, which makes us wonder if the LG G4 is going to break the trend again and get unveiled on this MWC 2015. The Mobile World Congress of this year has just started, we still have many days of waiting.

If not MWC, then there might be a trial in the Consumer Electronic Show 2015. Keeping exact track of date and time is not LG’s forte, but if they somehow manage to do so then we are looking forward to April 2015 for the LG G4 release.


Heard about a 3K display yet? While the world goes crazy over 2K and 4K displays, the companies are finding their best options with different display resolutions. The display on LG G4 is most likely to be 1620×2880 pixels, which is mentioned to be 3K in here. And if the assumptions here are true, then the resulting pixel density on the LG G4 is going to be 601 PPI. That’s even higher than the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, both of them are having 577 PPI pixel density.


Regarding the processor and RAM, we are hopeful about seeing a Snapdragon 810 chip on the LG G4 accompanied alongside a 3 GB or 4 GB RAM. This Qualcomm-made chip is capable of performing operations in 64 bit and it’s supported by the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop as well same as Xperia Z4.

Unlike LG and very much like Samsung, another variant of LG G4 might launch with LG’s own processor Nuclun. This is an eight-core processor threaded with elements capable of running LTE network right out of the box.


The LG G4 is going to be flagship device in the G series from LG. No flagship devices are usually very wallet-friendly, rather they are more focused towards premium feeling and best functionality. Do not expect a lower price tag! The LG G3 had a $600 price tag when it was released back in 2014, contract-free. The LG G4 is supposed to carry a similar price tag.


The LG G4 is certainly going to be a smartphone with the capability to create hype amongst enthusiasts, but that’s still a long time away from now if not announced in the MWC 2015. For more updates on the LG G4, we have to wait a little bit.

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