How to Learn Programming / Coding Online


From Websites

There are various websites available from which you can learn coding step by step easily for free. There you just need to sign up for free and get started with coding. Here are my personal best choices : Codecademy, W3Schools,

Note : Most of the programming languages are included in above mentioned websites

From Videos

As you know that due to technology and internet we can learn most of the thing online. But now the question is from where to find the best tutorials as we can see that there are large number of tutorial present for just learning a single thing. So here I would like to share my experience and will suggest you a YouTube channel named thenewboston.

It is a great channel with lots of tutorials present in it. This channel has currently 750k+ subscribers and increasing daily. This channel is doing a great job in educating millions of people daily for free.

If you want to learn something you can go to playlist section of the channel and look for specific playlist. The language is very easy and you can understand it quickly.

Currently there are various tutorials present on this channel which are : Python 3.4, C, C++, Android Development, Game Development, Java, PHP and much more.

Note : All programming languages are not included in above mentioned YouTube channel but most of the popular and needed are already included.

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  • I have Gionee P3 mobile.

    While updating my existing apps or downloading new apps. the downloading is paused automatically.

    can you help me out to resolve this problem ?

    • What do you mean downloading is paused. In play store it cannot be paused. You will get error if download fails due to some reasons.