Display Last Updated Date in Newspaper WordPress Theme


There are lots of tutorial available on how to display last updated/modified date in WordPress. These are basically general tutorials which you can apply to several themes. However there are some themes in which it’s hard to find where to make modifications to show last update date. We also encountered the same problem in Newspaper WordPress theme but luckily after messing around with the code, finally we’ve found a solution. So here’s what to do:

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Display Last Updated Date in Newspaper WordPress Theme

Before Adding Last Modified Date
Before Adding Last Modified Date
  1. First of all go to wp-content/Newspaper/includes/wp_booster/
  2. Now open td_module_single_base.php and find the code that looks like this. It will be around line #285.
  3. Change Line #2 of the above code to
  4. and Line #4 of the above code to
  5. Your code will look like this after updating
  6. You’ve successfully changed the post date to last updated date in all the posts. Now you have do the same for homepage.
    After Adding Last Modified Date
    After Adding Last Modified Date
  7. Now perform the same changes to td_module.php in the same folder.

What we just did?

  • td_module.php contains the general functions & code of the Newspaper theme. It is generally used by homepage.
  • td_module_single_base.php is almost same as td_module.php however it contains general functions & code for post page.
  • We basically changed the get_the_time() function to get_the_modified_time(). You can read more about these functions on WordPress Documentation.

What are the benefits of showing Last Update Date?

  • As we know that google show the date of the articles in the search result.
  • Suppose you have written an article about two years ago.
  • But when you update your article, still it will show the same time stamp in the search result and also on the post.
  • The visitor will think that it may be an outdated article and will most probably will find other blogs or website.
  • Hence this may increase your CTR and reduce your Bounce Rate.
  • You can check out the image below. Although article was posted on 16 February 2015. After updating the article, the date changed to 21 August 2016.
Google Search Results Shows Last Updated Date
Google Search Results Shows Last Updated Date

We hope that this article helped you in customizing your theme to show the last modified date on Newspaper theme. If you have any doubts or problems you can throw it in the comment section below.

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