Best iPhone 7 Plus Case 2020: JisonCase Leather Case Review


iPhone 7 Plus is pricey even after the launch of the iPhone 8 Plus. As you might know that the latest iPhones have a glass back to support wireless charging but in doing so Apple made them more susceptible to damage. And it costs a sh*tload of money to replace that back glass.

Nevertheless our iPhone 7 Plus still rocks a tough metal back which is sure as hell more stronger than the newer iPhones but it is still prone to scratches with daily use. If you are a guy like me who drops their phones a lot and still wants to make their phones look like new then definitely you should use a glass as well as a case.

A huge shoutout to JisonCase for sending out the review unit.

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So here in this article, I am going to review JisonCase iPhone 7 Plus Case and share my experience with you after a week of usage. I will keep this article updated if I change my thoughts about this case.

iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case Review: JisonCase

Before I start the review, let me ask all of you a question.

How many of you know about the Apple Product RED? If you know about it then you know that a RED iPhone looks dope and distinct. It is an initiative where Apple donates some percentage of money to charity to build a better future for the people in need around the globe.

Apple Product RED for a given lineup is generally launched after few months of the launch of the original lineup. With that being said most of you have bought the iPhone 7 Plus as soon as become available and you probably missed the chance to grab iPhone RED.

There are several ways to give it a similar look to iPhone RED.

  • Skin: You can install a skin on the back of your device but there is very limited protection.
  • Case: Using a case will give you the similar looks as well as the added protection for your iPhone and I highly recommend going with it.

So now let’s get to the point and start the review:


JisonCase iPhone 7 Plus Case BoxPackaging is the not something that everyone cares about. But I am not one of those people. I love it when brands use amazing and intriguing packing to pursue the customers. According to me, it is the thing that let the customer know how serious are they about their product. With that being said I don’t mean that bad packaging means a bad product.

But great packaging has its perks and an impact on users. This iPhone 7 plus case comes in the wooden finished box cut out especially for this case and provides a good protection while it travels the world to get to you.

You can reuse this box to put tiny important stuff or even your old case back as you will be using the new one now. ;) The box has a little rectangular sticker mentioning the brand and product name.

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JisonCase iPhone 7 Plus Case

Personally, I am a fan of Red Color whether it is an iPhone or any other Android device. I just hope that all the smartphones manufacturers have a Red variant of their device.

The color, in this case, is pretty Red with a leather texture on all over it and honestly, I love it. You can see a little difference in color as some photos were taken on LG G6 & some on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. But you will get an approximate idea.

You can get this case in five colors namely Black, Red, Gray, Dark Blue, and Brown. You can get it right now from here.

Design & Quality

The build quality of this case in on par with the other cases available in this price segment. The texture on the back has a nice appeal to it. Additionally, it makes your phone easier to hold and grip, so you will not have to worry about slipping it from your hand.

Most of the cases for iPhones cases usually have a cut out on the back for showing off the Apple logo. But this is not the case here as there is no cut out available for the logo. Some people obviously will not like it but I like it as they are trying to accomplish what dbrand is doing with its cases & skins.

The cutouts for volume button, power button, mute switch, and cameras are perfect. As there is a bottom firing speaker, microphone and charging port there is a whole cutout at the bottom. Also, it is not that thick as it may look in the photos.


From what I have heard and from one week experience, I can tell you that this case held up pretty great in my usage. Though I have not dropped it anytime and probably I won’t (at least not willingly).

According to me, this is a good case for moderate level protection but this case may not survive heavy drops. And if you are into that kind of thing then I will strongly recommend getting a multi-layered hybrid case with corner protection. ( But they are very thick :( )

But if you are a normal guy just like me then this case will be enough for you but always look out for corner drops as they are the most severe and catastrophic.

PS:  You can check official page of this case to check all the specs.

Final Verdict

With all that being said you should probably know that this is the case for your iPhone 7 Plus or not. But if you are interested in this case then I will surely recommend it.

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Get Your Case Now!

If you have a different device then you can browser JisonCase store to get a case for your device.

I tried to cover all of the things that you should look out for in a case but if I have missed any then do let me know using the comment section below.



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