iPad Air 3 Rumors and Wishlists


Even though the market now has plenty of Android tablets to compete against the iPads, these devices still remain to be the most popular tablets. We have met people who are fans of Android smartphones, but iPads as well at the same time. iPads, when used with appropriate apps are one of the best kind of tools for any sort of tasks – they can mostly replace computers for handy tasks as well. The current iPad Air model is the 2nd generation one, now we are looking forward to the iPad Air 3 release in near future. What may be the configuration in the iPad Air 3? That’s what we discuss today.

Quick Check

Before getting into all the details chit-chat, let’s know few quick facts about the upcoming iPad Air 3.

  • iPad Air 3 is the 3rd generation of market winning iPad Air device range. These tablets are 9.7 inches in size – the bigger variant of Apple tablets unlike the iPad Mini(s).
  • The release date hasn’t been mentioned yet. In fact, there aren’t any official announcements on the iPad Air 3 as of now. There will be soon – that’s what we expect.
  • What it is going to have isn’t something we get to know before an Apple device finally comes out. Definitely the device is going to improvise the hardware and software configurations – but what extent is unknown.

Release Date

Usually, Apple released their tablet devices around the month of late October or early November. At least, that’s how things are happening since 2012 for iPad releases. The iPhones come another month earlier than the iPad release, though. We expect the iPad Air 3 is going to be released in the same time frame, most likely a new iPad Mini is going to launch at the same time.


Every time a new iPad full sized iPad comes out, the new one takes the older generation iPad’s initial price and the lately-old one goes on discount. Usually the newest iPad costs around $650 depending on configuration and storage space. Trends do change and Apple may change how they put a price tag on their devices, but even if that happens still the pricing won’t take a sharp turn at any point. The rise or fall will be reasonable.

Hardware Configuration

For the chipset, Apple uses a specialized version of the same chip they use on the lately released iPhone model on the iPad. For example, the last iPad Air 2 uses an A8X chip. If the next iPhone is to be equipped with the A9 chip, then hopefully the iPad Air 3 will have an A9X chip as the CPU. Samsung and other companies are efficiently manufacturing their devices using 14nm CPU chips while Apple is still using 20nm technology, hence there’s a strong chance that Apple moves to smaller form factors as well. There is benefit of doubt.

As regular features, the new iPad will have the latest iOS version pre-installed, will have retina display, may increase the highest memory storage option, may increase the RAM and bring fewer improvements in the design.


iPad Air 3 is more like a consistency maintaining update rather than a groundbreaking new innovation. Things could take a totally different path though – as we aren’t sure of any whereabouts of the iPad Air 3 yet, it’s not safe to reach a final assumption.

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