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Apple is one of the brands that believe in innovation and experiments. After Steve Jobs, people thought that Apple is not showing enough intent but the launch of iPhone 6, iOS 9 and Apple Watch have paved the way for even more. If reports are to be believed then, Apple is already working on ios 10. Yes, significant sources have reported that Apple has started working on the OS versions. Unnamed sources have confirmed that many exciting features have been included in the new version. Are you aware of the new features for IOS 10? If not, then here are the exciting and innovative features of iOS 10.

Extended Apple Pay

Well, we all have come across the success of Apple Pay in the last IOS version for Apple. However, the success was limited to the high profile market like the United States. But Apple is now keen on taking this to a new dimension. The Apple Pay is getting a huge boost as Apple targets the markets like Europe and South East Asia especially India and China. The Apple Pay is going to support the majority of the Credit and Debit cards and further enhancement that will make it one of the best transaction platforms in the world.

Apple Maps

Well, you are used to with the Google Maps but soon the habits might get changed. Apple is planning for dedicated service for Apple Maps. The new Apple Maps will take care of all the navigation needs. If the rumors are to be believed then iOS 10 will come with strong navigation app that will address all your needs.


The compatibility of the IOS with various apps will be a challenge that Apple would love to address. Apple Watch and the Apple Health Kit would be the prime focus of the new operating system. Rumors have also suggested that Apple is coming out with a new dimension for the compatibility.

Smoother and Better UI

Many times users have seconded IOS to Android on the basis of User Interface. Apple is well aware of the fact and is looking for smoother UI experience in the new variance of the IOS. It will be a complete new experience for the users.

Better Specifications

Well, it goes untold. The next version of the Operating System comes with better specifications. The story is not different with IOS 10 as well. All the existing issues of IOS 8.4 and recently launched iOS 9 will be addressed with added benefits. As far as the IOS 10 update is concerned, it should be nothing less than a masterpiece from Apple.

Announcement and Release

Apple has not thought about the release and announcement as of now considering the fact that IOS 9 is pretty new and enjoying good feedback. However, the IOS 10 is expected to be launched with another anticipated product iPhone 7. The new IOS 10 is expected to be uniform for iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch.

It will be interesting to see what Apple brings with the new IOS 10.

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