6 Emerging Instagram Trends & Services Marketers Should Know


Instagram is one of those social media websites that keeps on introducing new trends and services regularly, and there are some trends than marketer must have knowledge about. Back in 2014 Instagram was not as big as it is today and when people predicted that it is going to be one of the top social networking sites in the world many did not believe in it.

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Well, today Instagram has over 600 million users, and it is one of the most active social media sites on the internet. By the end of 2017 Instagram aims to get around 70% of businesses and brands worldwide to join their website. Last year we saw many changes in Instagram, a lot of new features were introduced including Instagram stories, which turned out to be a great success.

Also, they changed their logo and added other features like boomerang and handsfree mode as well. Here below we are mentioning the six emerging trends and services for marketing on Instagram.

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Emerging Instagram Trends Every Marketer Should Know

Instagram Trends for Marketers

Manage multiple Instagram accounts

Multiple Accounts Instagram

Many of the people find it very annoying when they have more than one account on a social website, and they have to repeat the whole login procedure every time they have to switch between those applications.

Well, one of the latest updates introduced by Instagram includes the switching between accounts feature. Now you can easily switch between your multiple accounts on Instagram by just one click.

Many people use their personal Instagram account and their business Instagram on the same phone, and they find it annoying to login and logout again and again. This new feature gives you easy access to your multiple accounts.

Use Instagram as your business site

Switch to Business Profile Instagram

One of the biggest trends on Instagram nowadays is that people are using it as a business account as well. Most of you probably already know it, but Instagram is not anymore just a site where you can take your pictures and share it with your friends, it is much more now. 

You can use Instagram for the social media marketing by making a business account and by promoting it. As mentioned above, Instagram has more than 600 million users now which means the audience on this social networking site is humongous.

Many big brands are using Instagram now for just promoting their products and name. So, if you think you need to start a social media marketing campaign for your business too, then you can start by making an account on Instagram.


The Boomerang feature on Instagram is pretty much cool, and it is one of its kinds. By using boomerang feature, you can record a 1-second video clip in a loop.

This feature was first introduced in a separate app for Instagram and not all the people knew about it.

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Now with the latest update and Instagram introducing many new features like Instagram stories, the boomerang feature has been added to the Instagram app.

A post shared by Boomerang from Instagram (@boomerangfrominstagram) on Dec 10, 2016 at 4:48am PST

Boomerang lets you record cool video which looks like a GIF and lets you send it to your friends. This has become very popular and trending on Instagram now among all of the users.

Buy followers

Well if you are an Instagram user and you use it mainly for your business then you must know the importance of having enough followers on your Instagram.

There are many ways in which you can increase your Instagram followers.

You can ask influencers for help, you can advertise about it, and you can share it on other social media sites. But none of these are as simple as buying followers. Besides followers, you can also buy likes and comments as well.

Re-sharing post on Instagram

Did you ever enjoy an Instagram post so much that you wanted to share it with your friends as well? But you could not share it directly because Instagram does not have a feature like Twitter which allows you to re-post others share.

Well, now you can re-post any post you like with even giving credit to the original maker of the post. All you need to do is to get the re-post application for Instagram, and you will be able to share any post you like in the future. We use Instamate to manage our Instagram accounts, find viral content and schedule the post on Instagram. 

Snapchat filters on Instagram

When Instagram introduced its latest Instagram stories feature, it started to give a tough competition to Snapchat and is still not making things easier for it.

Instagram has not just taken the stories feature from Snapchat, but they have also introduced different filters like dog face, mustache, and rainbow for its app.

Now, you can get all your favorite filters on Instagram as well, and people are using it a lot. It has now become a huge Instagram trend.

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So, that was most of the things that you have to know about current Instagram trends for marketing. Let us know if we’ve missed something. Also, do let us know about your views and your perspective about building a brand on Instagram using the comment section below.


  1. I think another Instagram trend gaining ground is using your feed as a website. More businesses are posting images of all their products and simply giving instructions with the link in their bio to make the purchasing decision.
    This trend makes it easy for potential buyers to share and repost something to their own feed or @mention to their friends who might be interested. Suddenly, each purchasing page is its own post where people can send others or repost to their own feeds.


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