10 Untapped Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions in 2019


What if you look at someone and he is in dirty clothes and he looks messy to you?

Will you attract to him? You just want him to make his appearance right. It clearly shows how much we are concerned about the looks.

It’s not only about human beings. It’s about all the things around us. No one wants to go a place which is not clean. No one likes such things that do not feel good in the first look. This clearly shows human nature. Naturally, we are attracted to the things or people that take care of their first impression. Now the first impression is everything, but it doesn’t mean that your website should be visually attractive and that is it. Looking good is one of the major factors for any website but it should be user-friendly too, easy to navigate.

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Likewise, if you hit a link and it lands you to a website, for example, a shopping website, you heard about it and here it is. But what you saw is just a creepy piece of bright and dark colors with strange kind of fonts. Will you use this site? Or will you ever going to open this link again? No! Research shows that a website with such elements gets a zero in users mind.

So what was the element that made a bad impression? There are some things that can make a brilliant impression and impact on user’s mind.

If you understand the above situation then it must be clear to you that what are the factors that can a website best and the top one.

The designing, fonts, images and other things that a person uses on his website shows its passion towards its work and it also reflects its personality as well.

One more thing to consider before I move to the list of 10 tips; when you design a website make sure that the website is created for its user not for developer so many times something you might like but won’t look good to the user; so make alterations on your site every time when you see that people are not staying on your site long enough.

10 Tips to Increase Landing Page Conversions

Here we give you 10 tips for improving landing page that will help you to target maximum customers:

  1. You must use latest and trending themes that users are into. Try to use such things but with your innovation.
  2. Use attractive and cool letters that will attract the user in the first glimpse and wants to use the website more. Now when I say cool letters I simply mean use some cool attractive, easy to read fonts.
  3. Try to use such software that can turn your simple letters and words into a fancy and attractive letter. For this purpose try fancy text generator. It will generate fancy and cool text for you that will give your landing page a new life.
  4. Most important thing to target the users is that must write killer lines. A good content with good presentation will make your landing page best of all.
  5. If you want to make a solid impact on your landing page then must add some social evidence or proofs of your work.
  6. Write benefits. It will help the user to decide.Benefits
  7. Try to write such content or make such flow that will minimize the distractions.
  8. Try to use video demonstration or images that can relate to your content and theme. It will help the user to understand things more clearly.
  9. If you are impressed by someone else’s land page or theme and you use it in yours then do mention them.
  10. Most important be consistent and concrete. Concise the flow of content.

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Last but not the least every website is remembered by its logo – if the logo is creative and eye-catching it gives a really good impression of the entire site.  So remember the good looking site with easy to use element can do wonders for your site.