7 Tips For New Users Of Google Apps For Education


Google Apps for education, now known as G Suite, is a tool that every teacher needs. Imagine a scenario where you can monitor the reading habits of your students, and share assignments and class notes with both teachers and students in real time.

G Suite is tailored to make the learning environment more manageable and fun. If you are reading this article, then probably you are a new user and would like to know how to navigate the App with ease. Here are seven tips that every user needs to know.

Tips For New Users Of Google Apps For Education

Create Google Docs

Most teachers have files of lesson notes, lesson plans and schemes of work either on their personal computers or in cabinets in the staffroom. Google Docs gives you an opportunity to store all your notes and plan in one location.

With Google Docs you can share notes with your students and fellow teachers in real time. This feature enables you to create spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides and text documents. You can access notes and assignment at any time and from anywhere.

Google Docs can be used by all members of the staff; from language teachers to gym instructors and security personnel. You can also share information with one person or the entire department as well as get feedback from them.

Creating Google Docs is easy.

  • Type docs.google.com on your browser
  • Then on the top left corner click on start a new document.
  • If you want to share your work click on the share button, usually found at the top right-hand corner.
  • You can also go sharing settings and get a link which you can use to share your documents with as many people as possible.

Store all your documents in folders


In case you have texts or graphs that are for a common purpose, store them in a folder. Any setting that applies to a folder is replicated to all the documents in that folder.

For instance, a Mathematics teacher might want to get feedback from colleagues on a couple of test items. Instead of sharing every sum individually, store all of them in the same folder and click share.

Use the spreadsheet and forms to keep track of assignments

Laptop & Notes

The spreadsheet on G Suite gives users a chance to monitor homework. The App gives you a chance to communicate with all the stakeholders. Therefore, key in parents’ email addresses on the spreadsheet and send each a link to the assignment folder or document. Remember to enable the translation feature.

Math teachers will find these features very efficient when analyzing data from multiple choice questions and graphs.

Enable comments

Public Wall Poster

One major difference between Google Docs and your file in the cabinet is that you can receive comments from all stakeholders.  Moreover, you can get comments on the whole document or a phrase in the text.

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For instance, if there is a vocabulary select the word to prompt the comments icon. From there you can get the synonyms, definitions, and commentaries from all those you have shared the document with.

Configure settings for privacy

Privacy & Surveillance

When you install Google Apps for Education in your school, you might want to limit some people from accessing some information. For example, you might not want students to read newsletters meant for parents.

Google allows you to changes the settings to suit your school. You can also protect the kids from accessing prohibited sites.

Save time by using Google books and Google Chromebook

Laptop & Analytics

You do not need the library when you have Google books! Google Chromebook will help you store all your data in the cloud instead of the machine itself.  G Suite if free and most books have free previews.  The Chromebook will cost you some money but it is a great investment.

Google Apps for education needs no technical experts

Google has made the App in such a way that anyone with basic computer knowledge can use it. You do not need to have too much technical knowledge to use the App.

Final Thoughts

Utilize all the features available on Google Docs and you will enjoy using G Suite. Teachers, students, and parents now have an easier time managing the learning process. As a new user, start by creating or transferring your documents from your flash drive to Google Docs.

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