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Hello Friends, Now I am sharing a great thing with you guys which I had done every time I installed any ROM on my Micromax A116 Canvas HD. This tutorial to ” Get Samsung Galaxy S4 Looks On Android Phone”. This will work on most of the Android device. But be careful it may also brick your device. I recommend you to backup android device before performing the following steps.

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Getting Galaxy S4 Boot Logo at Start Up

Samsung Galaxy S4 Boot Logo

First, we start transforming from the Boot Logo(Not Boot Animation) means the Logo of the Manufacturer or The Phone Model to Samsung Galaxy S4.

Requirement: – CWM/TWRP Recovery must be installed to flash the Boot Logo.

99Cent Zone Gearbest

  1. Download Samsung Galaxy S4 Boot Logo. Download Link
  2. After download put the ZIP file in the root of your phone’s SD card.
  3. Reboot into CWM/TWRP Recovery.
  4. Select Install ZIP from SD card.
  5. Select the ZIP file and click install.
  6. After installation click reboot.
  7. You will see the Samsung Galaxy S4 Boot Logo at phone’s start up.

Getting Samsung Galaxy S4 Boot/Shut Animation and Sound

Samsung Galaxy S4 Boot Animation

Now let’s move one step ahead in this tutorial. Now we are going to replace your phone’s original Boot/Shut animation and Sounds with Samsung Galaxy S4.

Requirement: – Your phone must be rooted.

  1. Download the Boot/Shut animation and Audio. Download link :- Boot animation :- 480*800, 540*960720*1280, Shut animation :- 540*960720*1280 , Boot AudioShut Audio.
  2. Copy the above files anywhere on your phone’s SD card.
  3. Download ES File Explorer from Google Play Store. (The app is discontinued Now you can go for Solid Explorer)
  4. Go to /System/Media. (Make sure to enable the Root Explorer and also keep /system in RW Mode)
  5. In Media Folder most probably you will found the same file names as you downloaded here.
  6. Copy the existing files as a backup and replace it with the downloaded file.
  7. Just reboot your phone.
  8. You will find on reboot that it is showing and playing Samsung Galaxy S4 Boot animation and sounds.

Getting Touchwiz Launcher

Requirement: – CWM/TWRP Recovery must be installed to flash the Touchwiz Launcher.

Hello Friends, to start transforming your Android device we need to get the Touchwiz Launcher (Samsung) and the Accuweather + Widget.

  1. Download the TouchWiz Launcher according to your phone requirement. MDPI
  2. After the download completes, put the ZIP file in the root of your phone’s SD card.
  3. Reboot in CWM/TWRP recovery.
  4. Select Install ZIP from SD card.
  5. Select the ZIP file and click install.
  6. After installation click reboot.
  7.  You have successfully installed the S4 Touchwiz Launcher to your phone.

Getting Transparent Status Bar

Now after installing Touchwiz, we need the Status Bar to be Transparent to enhance the effect of Samsung Galaxy S4.

Requirement: – Your phone must be rooted.

  1. Download & install Xposed Installer.
  2. After rebooting open Xposed Installer again and go to download (Make sure to enable the data connection or Wi-Fi)
  3. Search for Gravity Box and install it.
  4. Go to Xposed Installer >> Modules. And tick the Gravity Box and reboot your phone.
  5. After rebooting. Open Gravity Box from App Drawer. Go to Transparency Management.
  6. Set Statusbar for Launcher to 100%.
  7. That’s it, Now go to Home Screen and feel the new look.

Getting Transparent Accuweather Widget

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accuweather Widget

Now let’s move towards the best experience and look with the Accuweather widget. In this step, you are going to install the AccuWeather widget with your Touchwiz Launcher which will look awesome.

Requirements: – CWM/TWRP must be installed on your phone.

AmazFit GTR Smartwatch

  1. Download the AccuWeather widget. Download Link 
  2. Place the downloaded ZIP in the root of your phone’s SD card.
  3. Reboot in CWM/TWRP recovery.
  4. Select Install ZIP from SD card.
  5. Select the ZIP file and click install.
  6. After installation click reboot.
  7. Now you have successfully installed the AccuWeather widget to your Android phone.

Getting Galaxy S4 Live Wallpaper

Now in this step, we are going to install the live wallpaper to your phone to enhance it to look like Samsung Galaxy S4.

  1. Download the S4 live wallpaper from the Play Store.
  2. After installation select the wallpaper and apply it.

Getting Galaxy S4 Icons

Now in this step moving one step further, we are going to change the default icons with Samsung Galaxy S4 icons.

  1. Download the app icon changer from Play Store. Download Link
  2. Download any one icon pack according to your phone requirement. MDPI  HDPI  XHDPI XXHDPI
  3. Open the downloaded application.
  4. Replace the app icons you wanted to change.

Getting Galaxy S4 as Model and Brand in About Device

build.prop editing

Now we are going to replace the model number, brand name, Android version, etc. of your phone to your desired value, i.e., Samsung Galaxy S4.

  1. Open ES File Explorer.
  2. Go to / System.
  3. Open the file named build.prop.
  4. It will look like this image.
  5. Change the model no. To GT-I9500.
  6. Change the brand name to Samsung.
  7. Change product name to Samsung Galaxy S4.
  8. You can also change the Android version number to any version number.
  9. Please do not alter the other settings given in this file.
  10. Now save the file and reboot.
  11. After rebooting, Go to Settings >> About.
  12. There you will find that everything is replaced by Samsung Galaxy S4.

Getting Samsung Galaxy S4 Ringtones and Lockscreen sounds

Now we are going to add Samsung Galaxy S4 ringtones and Lock/Unlock bubble sound.

  1. Download the two files from here. S4 Ringtones (Unavailable), Lock Sounds.
  2. Open ES File Explorer.
  3. Navigate to /system/media/audio/ui
  4. Paste the two files from lock sounds RAR file and overwrite.
  5. Now navigate to /system/media/audio/ringtones
  6. Paste the ringtones files from the RAR File.
  7. You’re now done. Enjoy Samsung Galaxy S4 Sounds.

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    • Go To / System / app Delete seclauncher2.apk
      Go To / etc / permissions Delete touchwiz.xml

      You Are Done. Thank You And Keep Connected To Tech Arrival.

  1. Excellent post!

    This will help most of the users to enjoy the awesome looks of Galaxy S4 without even having to pay for it!

    Thank you for such post!

  2. Thanks. I have tried the boot logo and animation and it works great. But is it possible to install the weather widget without actually installing the S4 Launcher?

    • No, Koita Samsung Galaxy S4 launcher is necessary in order to use S4 accuweather. Othewise you can install accuweather from play store but it is not as impressive as this one.
      Thank You, Keep Connected To Tech Arrival.

  3. Thanks Mehul. U r doing a great job. One last question. My device resolution is 720× 1280 and has a Dpi 320, so which of the launchers do i download pls? MDPI, HDPI or XHDPI. Thanks

    • Hello Koita, there is no need to be worried it you have installed any of launcher.I will prefer HDPI but also try with XHDPI. And keep which you prefer most.

  4. I have fake samsung galaxy s4. I have replace bootanimation on my device with your suggestion, I have the CWM too. But the problem is, after I replace with CWM my device totally blank out, can not boot to the system, just blink with blank black screen.. Also I cant flash my CWM.. Please someone help me!! :(

    • Sorry buddy but this Boot Logo works on most of the android devices. I suggest you to revert your device to the latest backup.

  5. Hello :)
    I got a problem in installation of Gravity Box. When I try to open it on app drawer after reboot, it shows message like this, “GravityBox system framework not responding. Exiting” :(
    How to fix it?
    Thanks for the answer :’)

  6. First: Man thanks! Great infos!
    But could you do me a favour and make the bootanimation and shutanimation smaller concerning the MB… I have a smart e4 and it stucks a lot. Sitze 720×1280 is OK, but less mB?

    • Can you please share the original boot animation zip or any screenshot or any video please.
      Thank You And Keep Connected To Tech Arrival……….

      • How to remove the bootanimation. Since I installed your animation I am unable to flash any other bootanimation.
        Copying zip files to /system/media or /data/local is also not working. Do i have to delete any .xml file too.
        Please help and thanks in advance..

        • How you installed bootanimation by copying it to /system/media then you can simply remove that by overwriting other bootanimation zip file. Keep Connected To Tech Arrival………

    • Sorry I does not have any idea about S4 dialer. If you come to know how to do it please notify me and leave a comment regarding that……

  7. I want to know that if my micromax canvas turbo is dual sim. Will be able to use all the dual sim functions after I follow this mentioned process…
    And I also wanted to know how to take backup of existing OS. so that after any I can recover to the same.
    Will be waiting for ur reply.

    • For your information the steps which are mentioned is this tutorial are independent of any ROM. It means that you can install it without any conflict with existing function (This is not a custom ROM). So you can use dual sim as usual.
      You can use any custom recovery like CWM or TWRP to take the backup of your current ROM so that in case of any problem you can revert back.

  8. sir, please upload another bootlogo that smaller size res for Mito T300 i have tried your procedure but image shown is flipped, yout Launcher work good for mdpi here

    • Yes, I personally prefer Lenovo SuperCamera. Wait for a day I will post a tutorial related to it and then notify you,,,,

  9. Not bootanimation but boot splash. The file was on images and started after boot logo.Usually the picture same with boot logo.

    • Thank You Tyos for explaining it to me. Sorry but currently I am not having boot splash of Galaxy S4 but will surely notify you when I get it.

  10. Hi Mehul. Apparently there was Galaxy S4 boot splash in Galaxy S4 boot logo that you shared. Sorry for making you confused with my ignorance.

    • No problem Tyos, due to your ignorance, now I know that what a boot splash is. Let’s take it in positive way. :)

    • Download and install ES file explorer from play store and open it. Turn root explorer on from option and set permissions to RW. Now click / . Now you are in root folder.

  11. Dude can you upload s4 boot logo for resolution 480*800 please. because your boot logo s4 now its to large for my device,boot logo and the charging battery flipped on my device .btw thanks before.

  12. Thanks for the boot animation that work very well :) BTW what I mean is the boot logo flashable at the point number 1 can you fixed to my device?,please, because the boot logo and the charging battery flipped. Thanks again :)

    • Hello Wahyu, currently I do not have boot logo as per your size but I will try to create on when I will get free and then notify you.

  13. Hello there,

    No boot logo but it shows a corrupted image at the bottom part for just half a second

    Boot animation appearing is my old animation (android stock) but has boot sound

    No shut animation and sound.
    Please help

    • Everything is fine if you have followed steps correctly. If still you are having problem you can revert back using backup. and by the way which device you are using?

      • Go to /System/Media. (Make sure to enable the Root Explorer and also keep /system in RW Mode)
        In Media Folder most probably you will found the same file names as you downloaded here.
        Copy the existing files as backup and replace it with the downloaded file.
        ( sir these are your steps.. First i did the big mistake that i didnt make the backup of that file :'( and sir i cant find RW mode in Es explorer please tell me where it has been place . :(

        • First turn on Root explorer from option and then click or tap on root explorer option, there you will find RW mode.

  14. sorry, can you make the boot animation for 320×480 ?

    i have a simple china phone that have that resolution, i try to convert the image size alone but it didn’t work

    • No you cannot install. Stock ROM of any device are only meant for those device you can’t install it on any other device. Doing so will brick it.


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