How to Get More Comments on Your Blog Quickly


One can interact with others via a comment on a blog. It’s a sign that your blog is growing and attracting more visitors. When a new visitor visits your blog, lots of comments shows the user that your blog has quality content. So here are some proven ways on how to get more comments on your blog quickly.

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How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Choose Appropriate Comment System

The first and crucial thing is to choose your comment system wisely. What does it mean? Comment system should be neat and beautiful, should load quickly, etc. Nowadays lots of users do not want to spend time in writing info in a comment like A Name, Email, Website, etc. They just wanted to log in through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. So you must use a comment system which allows the login via other networks. Some of the Good plugins are Jetpack, Disqus, etc. Tech Arrival is using Jetpack Comments because it loads faster than others.

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Show Gratitude to Commenters

So how about to send a Thank You email when someone comments on your blog. So here is a simple and useful plugin named Thank Me Later which will send the desired Thank You email to the commenter after the specified time after the comment is approved. You can also check out WordPress anti-spam plugin.Best Comment Plugins for WordPress

Notify Users about Comment Reply

The other important thing about the commenters is That if they are asking a query or question via comment. They also expect the answer soon. For this, they must have to check your blog regularly for checking whether it is answered or it. Checking every day is very annoying. As a solution to this problem, you must allow users to subscribe to comments so that they can be notified easily when someone comments on the same post. This can be done via the various plugin, but we are using Jetpack Subscriptions for this purpose.Best Comment Plugins for WordPress

Write Engaging Content

It’s a fact that great content attracts users and leads to exponential growth to the traffic. You can write a great blog post and let the traffic do the rest. This will not only result in more engagement and comments but also to high numbers of shares and expanding network.

Reply Faster

No one will ever comment on your blog if you are too lazy to answer. When you respond quickly, it shows how interested you are in solving problems of your audience. This type of behavior leads to more engagement with your audience.

Ask Questions

In between article, ask the questions like what do you think about it? What software do you use? How was your experience? And more questions like that. Eventually, users will reply to that questions using comments.

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Give Backlinks

Most of the times, people comment on various blogs to get more exposure to their blog or to promote their content. However, this will only be possible if you allow links in the comment. There is a plugin for WordPress named CommentLuv which will allow the commenters to display their blog post along with the comment.

Reward Top Commentors

Rewarding the most loyal audience is not a bad idea. There are several communities to mention like XDA, OnePlus and many more provides user level which is often depicted by the number of posts a user has written. Similarly, you can provide freebies to the top commenters, or you can feature them on your blog. In brief, give them a reason to comment on your blog.

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Join Famous Communities

There are several great communities in every niche. There you will find the audience which will be looking for answers that you can provide. So you can promote your content there to targeted audience, and for sure you can turn them into loyal readers and commenters.

So that was the few ways in which you can you can increase and get more comments on your blog. If we have missed something, notify us ASAP. Also, do let us know about your views on this article in the comment section below.


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