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Pokemon Go has been trending among the gamers & Pokemon lovers over the last year. And with a zero competition in the gaming market, players happily accepted the new free to play location-based gameplay offered by Nintendo.

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Still, it was no longer than just a month, Pokemon Go gained a huge ground all over the world. And over one year, Pokemon GO has spread all over the world and later Nintendo introduced more interesting features and more gameplays which brought in more fanbase for Pokemon go.

Now with Pokemon Go reaching its peak number of players, many game developers have also come up with similar games like Pokemon go.

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pokemon go alternatives

So, if you are bored playing Pokemon go or want to try a new game similar to Pokemon go then you have come to the right place. Today, I am going to talk about 7 games like Pokemon go that you will definitely love to play if you liked Pokemon Go. Without further delay let me take you through the list of games similar to Pokemon Go if not better for many games out there.

List of Best Games Similar to Pokemon Go

1. Parallel Kingdom (Discontinued)

The Parallel Kingdom is a similar game like Pokemon go which is also based on location. This is one of the best multiplayer games that can be formed by players from all over the world on any Android or iOS device. This game follows the gameplay of creating your own virtual world(kingdom) based on your real location in the world. Developed by PerBlue, this game was first launched in the year 2008. A real-life location-based role-playing game that offers an advanced gameplay.

parallel kingdom

The main role of the gameplay was to conquer areas depending on your own location all over the world on a virtual map. The Parallel Kingdom is a freemium game that offered adequate features & contents for both paid & free players. The gameplay includes players versus players, players vs enemies, socialite and even merchants gameplay. So, if you are into playing games like Pokemon go then give this game a try.

Not Available Anymore :(

2. Aliens on the Table

Aliens on the Table is yet another game similar to Pokemon Go. This is an augmented reality game that involves an over the head shooting gameplay where players need to stop an alien invasion where the aliens are trying to contact home for a full force invasion.

Aliens on the Table

So, the players main objective is to stop the alien from sending over the message by destroying the portal that they are trying to build. With over 50,000 players from all over the world, Aliens on the Table is a game worth playing games like Pokemon Go.

Click Here to Download: Aliens on the Table

3. Genesis Augmented Reality

Genesis Augmented Reality is a game just what it is named. This is a real-time skill based battle game where you can play with different characters equipped with mystical, brutal and myriad attacking skills.

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Genesis Augmented Reality

You can play solo as well as with friends, creating strong companion and going up against the top world players. With some of the most top-notch gameplays of all time like Pokemon Go, Genesis Augmented Reality is a game that you will definitely love if you like Pokemon Go.

Click Here to Download: Genesis Augmented Reality

4. Dragon Mania Legends

Visit the land of the most mystical creature of all times “Dragon”. Yes, that’s right, with Dragon Mania Legends, you will play as a villager in Dragon land who aims at saving the sacred land of dragons who are being caught and tortured by enemies. Start playing the game right now if you like playing Pokemon Go as you will get a familiar feeling os gameplay.

Dragon Mania Legends

In the dragon land, you can train different types of dragons like rock, air, fire and an even hybrid between them to make them stronger. Hatch number of eggs for special dragons and train and evolve them with level to start defeating your enemies. With excellent visuals, this game is definitely worth a try.

Click Here to Download: Dragon Mania Legends

5. Ingress

With over 50,000,000 downloads, Ingress is a freemium game by Niantic where you will need to play in a virtual world which is full of competition, mystery, and intrigue. Ingress includes gameplay of a virtual world which is risked of being overtaken by some unknown forces which if not stopped will take humanity under their control.


So if you are into playing games like Pokemon go, this in the game custom map, play with players from all over the world, plan your strategies together and then execute the plan for a successful attack. You can also see the progress of other players from all over the world making it one of the largest location-based games of all time. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and give it a try?

Click Here to download: Ingress

6. Father.io

Father.io is the latest addition to the gaming world which includes gameplay which is exactly like Pokemon Go. It is the second game in its class that involves interaction with the real world with real people. Though this game is just in its beta version, players are already trying the beta version and enjoying playing the game.


If you are into playing Pokemon go then you might want to read about Poke Sniper And with such interaction between real and virtual world, it would be a shame the beta version isn’t tried before the launch of gadgets that will come along with the game soon. Launch by Proxy42.inc and with over 12,000,0000 active location spreading all over the world, Father .io is a game that anyone would love to play, so go ahead and give this amazing game a go.

Click Here to Download: Father.io

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7. Landlord Real Estate

Want to build a real-time virtual gaming world and be a billionaire tycoon? Landlord Real Estate allows you to do exactly that, but don’t be so sure to build your estate overnight as you will need to face real time storms, disasters and many more struggles on your way.

Landlord Real Estate

Play your strategy wisely to get the most out your investments and learning which area will give you out the most revenue. Play on a map exactly like the world you live in and compete against other Landlord real estate tycoons in real time depending on your location. With a real life like situations which includes selling properties, changing landscapes, building schools, restaurants and much more lifelike building for faster income. So, if you are into games like Pokemon then this game can be definitely for you and is definitely one of the games like Pokemon go.

Click Here to Download: Landlord Real Estate

There you have it, these were the list of the 7 games that are similar to Pokemon Go. If you are into playing Pokemon Go then you will definitely love playing above-listed games.

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