Free Video Editor From Flash-Integro


We often search google for the best free video editor for windows etc. But there is a very little chance to find exactly what we are searching for. So here is a good free software by Flash-Integro of which there are many good features which we are going to discuss further in this post.

Free Video Editor

  • Free Video Editor Features

  1. In reality, this software almost supports all of the popular codecs and video format like AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV, 3GP etc.
  2. Not only you can edit all files, but you can also export the edited multimedia to any format which may be supported by your playback device like DVD Players, iPod, PlayStation etc.
  3. This software can also be used for adding the video and audio effects to your existing video which will have a great impression if somebody is viewing that edited video.
  4. This also includes the inbuilt CD/DVD Burning tool which allows the user to directly burn the multimedia files after editing.
  5. It has inbuilt Desktop video capture so that you can record your work and also can edit with this software.

I request all the users to give this Video Editor a try because it is free and also useful. Download Link

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