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The Fitbit Surge is the first smartwatch from Fitbit that is aimed towards athletic/sports activities. There is a lot of hype going around this wearable. So here are the top Fitbit Surge features and all the things that you need to know before buying one.

Fitbit Surge Features

Display & Design

Fitbit Surge Overview

Fitbit Surge is designed for the workout sessions. It has a large display which ensures the vibrant colors and brightened screen. You can toggle through multiple features such as steps taken, calories burnt, sleep periods, etc. Fitbit Surge also keeps an eye over your heartbeat rate during your gym sessions or exercises.

Fitbit Surge is an upgraded product of Fitbit Login which comes with a touchscreen and allows its user to access buttons on their fingertips. It’s just more control to set everything from workout timers to GPS tracking to music controls. There is an optical heartbeat reader below the device strap. It is provided with a sturdy clasp at the end that is easier to tuck in as compared the previous products of the company. It comes in three color options namely black, blue and tangerine. 

Fitbit Metrics 

Fitbit Surge Heartbeat Sensor at Back

Fitbit Surge is equipped with eight sensors that could record each of your movement. It has an OLED touchscreen that displays your daily activities. Its sensors can record the steps taken, calories burnt, Floors climbed, Sleep time, etc. It has an altimeter that measures the elevation of the user and displays the no. of floors climbed by the user.

Fitbit Surge has an all new GPS integration that can map your runs using Google maps. You can set goals on your Fitbit Surge, and it will notify you of the steps remaining to accomplish your aim.  It’s heart rate monitor Constantly measures your pulse per minutes. 

Sleep tracking 

Fitbit Surge and Fitbit Blaze

Sleep tracker of Fitbit Surge works perfectly, and it measures your sleep time along with the nervous moments you had while sleeping. It has a feature called automatic sleep detection which itself starts the timer when you are about to sleep. Due to this feature, you don’t have to set your Fitbit device while sleeping as it automatically gets into the sleep mode by reading your pulse rate.

You can also set a silent alarm which will silently wake you up at the specified time with a gentle vibration on your hand. Sadly, Fitbit is known for providing a very basic sleep timeline: asleep in blue, restless in aqua and awake in pink. Fitbit Surge also has a sleep schedule with which you can decide the time when you should be awake and when you should be asleep in order ensure a healthy sleep. 

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Smartwatch Features 

Fitbit Surge Features and Specifications

Fitbit Surge is equipped with few smartwatch features that make your life a lot easier. It has inbuilt caller id that shows the name of the person calling you on your smartphone. If someone calls you on your phone, the Fitbit will vibrate and display the name of the individual who is calling you. This will let you decide whether to go and pick up your phone or not. Just double tap on the left button on your device to interface with your phone’s music. You can call it the best Fitbit watch. 😀 

Fitbit Compatibility & Battery Life

If you are a modern day smartphone user, then your phone might be compatible with the Fitbit Surge. That’s because the basic app is compatible with iOS 8, Android and Windows Phone handsets. 

Fitbit Surge exceeds expectations in a lot of territories, yet it falls behind its forerunners with regards to battery life. That is normal given its substantial highly contrasting LCD and new GPS abilities. Fitbit says that the battery of its new super watch could last for about seven days. But it advises its users to keep the GPS, and the music controls off.

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We hope that this article has given you a complete overview of the Fitbit Surge. You can share your views and ask any query in the comment section below.

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