Fitbit Force : A Perfect Fitness Tracker Around Your Wrist


Fitbit Force is a terrific product for ensuring the better health. It takes a thorough dig at different factors associated with your better health like the calories burnt, the sleep quality, etc. This is a wonderful wearable as well carrying a feathery light weight to be there around your wrists like a watch. It gets linked through Bluetooth. Water-resistive, high-end, enhanced notification, Fitbit Force has it all to take care of contemporary health.

Mark it

However, it is here to mention that Fitbit has paused the business with the product post a few complaints appeared of skin itching/hypersensitivity through it. Anyway, the good news is that the full amount can be refunded upon returning the product. The company also promises to solve the issue as soon as it is possible.

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Guarding your health

You can bag a Fitbit Force at the expense of $130. It is refreshing through the OLED display that lets the user can quickly deal with it with satisfaction. Apart from making aware of the time, the wearable allows you to know about the number of steps you climbed, the number of disturbances you came across while sleeping, or the extra fats you consumed.

Available for both iOS and Android, Good looking

Anyway, you can’t register the heart bit, spontaneously record the sleep. Still, its wearing comfort and water resistive characteristic, flexibility regarding iOS and Android make the product one of the finest fitness tracker of the contemporary era. Despite carrying a larger frame, great to see is that the product still isn’t heavier in comparison. However, some of the trendy fans might be hoping for new color band options for the product.

Distinguishing specs

The distinguishing part of the Fitbit Force is undoubtedly its improved display. One of the best experiences you can get off the OLED display is its handy clock recite; certainly, it looks a nice blend of a watch type product making it perfectly high-end.

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The best part I like about the product is sleek operation. To shift through its different displays, you simply have to just hit the physical key at the left.

Factors making it high-end

It has all the enhanced fitness tracking specs in comparison to its contemporaries. Its native accelerometer provides an exact figure, and recommendations by your age, sexuality, height, and weight. One of its finest features is making you aware of the most energetic minutes of you. This is pretty crucial as it is recommended by many health centers to track the active minutes.

For your better sleep

It handles registering the sleep quality, time, and disturbances in a quite autonomous fashion. It never baffles you regarding its timer. The process is simple enough; you simply have to clutch its button for a little while, and the timer gets started. Pushing the key again and the forcing handles it perfectly on manipulating the sleep parameters.

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Amazon Prime

This is a perfect gentle man that never disturbs people nearby while alarming. It gently vibrates to make you wake up.

Final Verdict

A contemporary health tracker should have the characteristics like syncing well with the smartphones through Bluetooth. It is pretty compatible with iOS and Androids as well. In short, the product is all that you are looking for to take care of your body. Check out latest Fitbit Coupons and Fitbit review.

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