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On March 9, 2014
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Galaxy S5 launch was one of the biggest launches of 2014. It is packed up with some of the amazing features you can find in a smartphone. Check out the full list of noteworthy features.

We all have been anticipating the Galaxy S5. It was one of the biggest launches this year. Samsung this year unlike the previous year placed its bet on the MWC instead of organizing dedicated event. The event was aptly named unpacking 5 which almost instantly killed any speculations of introducing the  flagship without the Galaxy S tag. Let’s cut the noise and have a look at the latest features packed in the S5. Samsung Galaxy S5 in India is expected to be priced around 40k. So let’s talk about Features Of Samsung Galaxy S5.

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Features Of Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. HDR (Rich Tone) – High Dynamic Ranging in short the HDR has revolutionized the world of photography. It’s natural for any picture to have different intensity level. HDR technique captures images at different intensity level and blends the regions into finely distributed intensity levels with enhanced tonal range. Galaxy S5 displays the processed picture in the viewfinder even before capturing the actual image. This feature is useful as you don’t have to wait for the picture to be processed.
  2. Heart Rate Sensor- If you recall couple of years ago there was a Symbian app which did the same with a difference. It asked you to tap the screen as your heart beats and the application used to calculate the beats per minute. Heart beat sensor works with Samsung’s S health application to keep a tab on your heart rate while indulging yourself in physical activities.
  3. Finger Print Sensor- Samsung decided to shadow Apple once again and included the Fingerprint scanner in its flagship. The scanner has an option which lets user customize features like dedicated scan. If a user sets index finger for text messaging then he can only access messaging once he swipes with index feature blocking all the other features. This level of customization is missing in the iPhone 5S. The fingerprint scanner is currently integrated with PayPal payment which is the least preferred payment method in India.
  4. Contrast Focus- Galaxy S5 has a selective focus feature which lets you focus on an object you desire and the rest of the background gets blurred. This feature which was available in third party apps prior to Samsung launching it with S5 so we feel Samsung is unnecessarily going bonkers with this feature.
  5. Swift Autofocus- This is something I would really appreciate especially when we are attempting to capture a moving object. Galaxy S5s Autofocus mechanism completes the focusing in just 0.5 seconds which is three times faster than any other smartphone in the market.
  6. IP67- Samsung Galaxy is IP67 certified which means its Water and Dust resistant. People who go for frequent treks and beach holidays will heave a sigh of relief as they can carelessly carry the device and wade through 1m of water. In a tropical country like India this feature is definitely going to get the Galaxy S5 in consumer’s good books.
  7. Download Booster- Samsung has an 802.11 AC WiFi chip with increased throughput making downloads and data streaming faster. Download Booster lets you use LTE and WiFi simultaneously increasing the download speed by a literal 80%. Feature like this is only worthwhile if you need to download some files of considerable size in a jiffy.

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In a Nutshell- Samsung Galaxy S5 has all the grunt that it needs to maintain its numerous no. position in the Smartphone market. The new features are impressive sans few which speak of less practicality. Samsung seems to have once again found the right mixture to stir ahead of the competition with its Magical portion.

So that’s all the important and highlighting features that you may find on the new Samsung Galaxy S5. We hope that you have liked how we presented the article. We would be glad if you share your thoughts or ask any questions in the comment section below.

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