How to Find Exact Rank Of Your Blog Or Website Easily


As we know that ranking is quite important from the business point of view and it is essential to keep track of the public visibility and quality of the blog. There are several ranking parameters defined for the different ranking system. So here in this post, we are going to discuss some of the ways by which you can find the exact rank of your website or blog.

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Services that can find Exact Rank of your Blog

1. Alexa

This may come to you as a surprise, but most of the businesses around the world consider Alexa rank before contacting you for the purpose of advertising or sponsorship. As a blogger and web designer, you might know that Alexa is not very accurate in measuring the demographics and analyzing the website traffic.

Google Alexa Rank

However, there are several ways to boost Alexa rank, but if you go with the Alexa premium plan, then you can get access to its premium features and also accurate traffic data using its javascript code.

Amazon Prime

2. Quantcast

Alexa only counts the visitors which passes through their system i.e. persons having Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. Here we will introduce another ranking system which counts all the visitor to your blog or website and rank it on a daily basis. This website is known as Quantcast which can probably get accurate rank Of Your Blog.

In this ranking system, you have to just embed the code in our blog as you have already done in the case of Google Analytics.


  1. Advertisers can directly view your site statistics, so they will become sure that you are getting a good amount of traffic and they will like to invest money to your blog or website.Quantcast Visitor Details
  2. Quantcast will also show the demographics of your site.Quantcast Demographics Data
  3. Web Traffic Frequency.Quantcast Web Traffic Frequency
  4. At last an Advertising Tab in which you can specify the type of the ads which are allowed by you.
  5. And this all for free while in Alexa we have to buy a plan to view all traffic details.

3. Ahrefs

The previous two services measure the rank by the traffic that your site receives and also pass through their system.

However, this one’s a bit different. Ahrefs calculates the rank of the website on number and quality of the backlinks that are pointing to the website. This type of rank is quite useful in auditing a site’s SEO.

Android Authority Ahrefs

You will also know that writing quality unique content can lead to a higher ranking on search engines. You can also track and view all of the keywords that you rank for on Ahrefs. There is the infinite number of uses for this service which can help your business grow and prosper.

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  1. Great post however you didn’t give a link to quantcast to even make everything easier. Just my thought though.

    Thanks for sharing.


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