How Ecommerce Giants are using AI and Marketing to Boost Business


There is nothing in this world that is not digital now. Even the tiniest aspects of your daily life have gone digital. A huge part of this digital revolution is obviously online shopping. Trying to list the advantages of online shopping would probably mean waiting till dawn to include all of them in one article. But since most of us know the pros of online shopping, we can draw a line here.

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What most of us will agree on though, is the personalized experience that e-commerce websites offer. Even if you do not have a wish list ready, you know you can always count on the suggestions that the websites offer. Based on your choices and past shopping items, you always have products recommended for you that you like. So basically these E-commerce websites act as a salesperson too. This is where the role of artificial intelligence comes in to play. Getting business is all about how smartly these websites use AI to lure in customers using the recommendation engine.

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What is a recommendation engine and how does it work?

In simple terms, recommendation engines allow the websites to target their customers and increase the conversion rate. But of course, it is not as easy as it sounds. A smart recommendation engine would target the right product or services for a particular customer and present it to him. It would use its own webpage and different other marketing channels to pop up recommendations for the customer.  This engine traces and keeps track of every move of a customer online and knows his shopping habits. Then it uses this information and recommends items to a shopper. The biggest task of a recommendation engine is to convert a shopper into a customer.

The smarter engines keep improving every time and give a better experience to a shopper. The recommendations these engines provide help the customer on many levels. He already has all the necessary filters applied when he lands on the page. He can look for the kind of products he was looking for, without having to browse through millions of options. If an e-commerce website does it right, a customer will keep coming back to the same site.

What are the various aspects of artificial intelligence that e-commerce websites use to boost sales?

Apart from recommendation engines, there are several other ways that these e-commerce websites use AI to boost business.

Customer service chatbots


There is probably no better way to obtain customer data than chatbots. The website not only derives customer data using chatbots. It also helps the company identify its issue and where it lacks. Thus, the website is constantly working to improve the shopping experience for a customer. These chatbots are an inexpensive way to improve customer interaction and shopping experience.

  • Voice and image recognition based search results
  • Fake product reviews to build goodwill-

A lot of e-commerce websites did paid fake positive reviews for products on their websites. Not just that, they even did paid negative reviews for their competitors to increase their own business. This process is known as crowdturfing. But in 2015, e-commerce giant Amazon filed a lawsuit against these companies. However, now these websites use AI to do the fake reviews for them. They have stopped paying people to do the reviews. Instead, the use of artificial intelligence to generate fake reviews has made it easier for them to boost their business.

Style and fashion recommendations

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With more and more access to celebrities on social media now, everyone wants to dress like them. People have become much more fashion conscious these days and they make it a point to always have their fashion game on point. More awareness means more business for fashion and lifestyle e-commerce websites.

A lot of fashion websites use AI in their own unique way for style recommendations to their customers. Amazon is one step ahead in this game after it launched Echo Look in 2017. Using this, users can take a photo or video of their already existing outfit and upload it. Amazon then uses this information and draws out suggestions from stylists and designers. What the user gets is filtered fashion recommendation from the best stylists in the business.

Use the sales data to retarget customers

A lot of e-commerce websites with huge data often has no idea how to manage it. The lack of coordination between the sales team and the marketing team means a loss in business. So a follow up by the sales team with a customer post his shopping is very important. Not just the items he bought, the website can come up with exciting offers on related items. Discounts and cashback offer often lead a shopper to shop impulsively, even if he has no plans of buying the item.


How are customers getting benefitted from the use of artificial intelligence by e-commerce websites?

The amount of benefits a customer gets due to the boost in AI is far-reaching. With new technologies being constantly developed, a customer’s shopping experience gets easier by the hour. Today no one has the time to browse through millions of similar products on a platform to make one purchase. It is time-consuming, for sure. But it also tends to confuse a customer.

So when a shopper is getting personalized recommendations right in his mail or as a pop-up, it only makes his job of shopping easier. Without having to look at a hundred products, the customer will actually land on a page with just the products he needs. As already mentioned earlier, every e-commerce website has their own chatbot now. These can work as a store assistant as well, to provide an easier shopping experience for the customer.

If a website uses the benefits of AI well, it will have its own dedicated customers who will prefer shopping from the same website. This increases the conversion rate for the website. And happy customers always mean better business.


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