Best Data Recovery Software: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review


The EaseUS Data Recovery is high-quality software that has impressed not just the local masses, but even the intellectual IT professionals. If you want to know how the software can get an edge to your business, then read this review to know everything about it.

What is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

The software is a powerful file recovery tool available for free of cost. It can be used for Mac and Windows operating systems. You can recover deleted files whether it happened genuinely or accidentally. You can use this software to access raw, corrupted, or non-mounting files.

With the EaseUS Data Recovery software, data recovery is possible from external and internal hard drives, iOS devices, music player, memory cards, USB device, and more. Advanced users can use this software for data recovery from RAID and servers storage.

The software is incorporated with unique features, excellent performance, reliable support network, and ease of use. All such aspects make this one of the best data recovery software among professionals.


The EaseUS data recovery software is an excellent tool loaded with numerous rich features.

Here is the list of impressive features present in this software.

  • Available on both Mac and Windows
  • Allows scanning of complete hard-drive
  • You can recover lost files with ease
  • You can recover deleted partition and corruption partition files with ease
  • Can create a bootable USB device in order to recover your files after OS Crash
  • Features recovery from removable media, external drive, optical storage etc.
  • Allows you to browse through deleted files using Windows Explorer on the basis of the month and year of the file removed
  • It is possible to offer backup support to the scanned results. The backup is useful in the future and at times without the requirement to rescan the overall drive.
  • You can store the deleted files recovered from EaseUS data recovery software. You can sort them by date, name, and type of file.
  • With the quick scan feature, you can check the entire drive quickly.
  • It comes with a search tool that allows you to search through various results obtained from a scan on the basis of extension or name of the file.
  • You can recover the files not just from Windows systems but from other drives formatted using Mac HFS+ file system.

How to Recover Deleted Files, Photos & Other Data using Recovery Wizard

The smooth and hassle-free recovery process offered by the software makes it an excellent tool. Once you open the application, the next step is to pick a definite scan location.

The specific location can be your Windows libraries, desktop, an external drive, or a particular partition. If you are handling deleted or non-mounting partition, then the software will display it. Unlike other free data recovery software, you don’t have to run a complete hard drive scan on an initial basis.

Additionally, it allows you to execute a scan much quicker and more efficiently. During the scan, the program showcases the progress bar at top of the application. Besides this, the countdown would display the total time remaining for completion of the project.

With the EaseUS data recovery wizard, it is possible to preview and browse files before completion of the scan. The preview feature helps to give a generic file name to the recovered files. However, there is a limitation of 100MB space.

Once you complete the scan, it is possible to browse the content by type, category, document, email, video, and graphics type and then search files accordingly. This software allows conducting a convenient and handy search according to a specific file type and by searching an extension.

Now, let’s talk about the content, which you have genuinely deleted.

The content that you delete intentionally is stored in the recycle bin folder. But the content that is deleted by other actions, like the program, it is stored in a special folder, which is usually marked as RAW or more lost files.

With the EaseUS data recovery wizard, it is possible to recover the content easily. You just have to check the file name and hit the recovery button. After this, you need to choose a specific recovery location. This location is a separate drive. You can even select an external drive.

Performance of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The performance of EaseUS data recovery software is executed by performing some performance tests. The software delivers a quick scan of 500GB partition in 2 seconds. It allows a deep scan of 500GB partition in 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The quick scan completed in just a fraction of seconds. Though the results obtained were limited as the scan tends to check and recover the content that has been deleted recently.
Furthermore, there is a unique approach used by the EaseUS software to build its quick scan algorithms. The deep scan is amazing in is completed in just two hours, which is very less time as compared to other similar software. This speed is better than average and is maintained for all platforms and versions.

Licensing and Pricing of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

For most of the users, this is one of the best software that allows them data recovery from all types of devices. Additionally, you can recover data from devices that won’t begin because of issues in the boot partitions.

Whether you are a Mac or Windows user, you can select this affordable software. Furthermore, the software also offers recovery solutions for Android and iPhone devices. There are different types of pricing plans that are meant for IT professionals and common users.

You can use the free trial version of the software. This can be used for recovering data up to 2GB. With a trial feature, it is possible to determine recovery of lost data. This is of great use before you actually purchase the tool. If you don’t like the trial version, you can always make use of 30 days refund policy. But this policy would not apply if you experience any issues in non-technical situations.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software Customer Support

When it is about the customer support, the EaseUS software is one of the best data recovery tools. The tool comes with a user manual, video tutorials, as well as support articles online. The best part is you can get immediate assistance with the live chat feature.
One benefit that you won’t be able to avail in similar low-end software is the live chat option. The live chat feature is available during business hours. It connects you immediately to service representatives. You can contact customer support besides business hours by sending an email to EaseUS.

There is no telephone support service available to resolve pre-sales issues. But don’t expect any technical support. In order to avail support regarding technical issues, you need to send an email from the desktop tool by clicking on ‘more’ icon. This icon is available on the overhead toolbar.

Final Words

The software is an impressive one offering rich functionalities. It allows recovering data from different devices, optical drives, and servers. It is a comprehensive solution, which is perfect for IT professionals as well as other common users.