What is Custom Recovery in Android?


If you have ever tried to read about how to root your android or install a custom ROM, then most probably you may have found out that you need to flash a custom recovery. So in this post we are going to cover all the details about custom recoveries.

What is Stock Recovery?

The Recovery Environment that comes with your Android Device from manufacturer is called Stock Recovery. Stock recovery can be used to flash updates from update.zip file, OTA Updates, for factory reset etc.

What is Custom Recovery?

From stock recovery we cannot flash Custom ROMs, Modules etc. So for this you need to flash custom recoveries like CWM(ClockworkMod), TWRP(Team Win Recovery Project), CTR(Carliv Touch Recovery), COT(Cannibal Open Touch) etc. Flashing custom recovery overwrites system recovery environment. There is a wide variety of custom recoveries available but from them CWM & TWRP Recoveries are most popular and is widely used.

Benefits of installing a custom recovery :

  • Ability to flash third party custom ROMs
  • Ability to take full backup of your android device, so that you can completely restore your phone from backup if something went wrong
  • Amazing and easy to use User Interface
  •  and Much More!

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