How To Create and Setup Facebook App


As we know that there are many services in which we need a custom app to post or to perform any desired actions etc. In this post we are going to discuss how to create and setup Facebook app. This tutorial is dedicated for usage of Facebook Scheduled Bulk Poster. You can also use the same procedure given below to setup Facebook app for your own purpose or application.

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Steps to Create and Setup Facebook App

  1. Go to Facebook Developers.
  2. If you are opening Facebook Developers for the first time then you have to accept terms and condition and then click sign up as a developer.
  3. Click Apps and then click create new app.
  4. Fill Display name and select category then click create app. (Now there is a updated layout but it is easy, if you encounter any problem tell us via comment)Create and Setup Facebook App
  5. Now complete security check.
  6. Now you will be redirected to app dashboard.
    Create and Setup Facebook App
  7. Click Settings.
  8. Fill App domain as & and your email. Then click Add platform.
  9. Select website.Create and Setup Facebook App
  10. Enter site URL and mobile site URL as “”
  11. Click Save changes.
  12. Go to App details.
  13. Turn on both option to yes in App Center Listed Platforms.
  14. Click save changes.
  15. Go to Status & Review.
  16. Change status from no to yes and click confirm make app public and usable.
  17. Now go to dashboard and get app id and app secret and paste it in settings of Facebook Scheduled Bulk Poster.
  18. You have successfully setted up Facebook app.

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  1. Both option in App Center Listed Platforms are not clickable, only one of them can be turn on. Please help me i have created 6-7 apps but not even one works. I can give you my login details, can you create a fully working app for me?


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