How to Create Labels Online for Free – Complete Guide


For the past couple of decades, technology innovation has led to the emergence of many products and services. They are designed to make people’s lives easier like creating labels online. With so many great available solutions and gadgets, it is hard to stay aside and not want to embrace the new age tech revolution.

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The Internet alone is full of opportunities. Hence, for a modern individual to become more than just an observer or an average product consumer. It provides complete access to a variety of useful information and free learning opportunities.

Nowadays everyone has a chance to make and create something new, even if it means relying on nothing but their imagination.

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What’s the difference?

To best explain this, let’s take labels and labeling as something that belongs to both worlds regarding technology development.

  • Labels come in different material, sizes and shapes and have been used as product and item identifiers since long time ago.
  • They provide accurate information about the product following strict regulations depending on the industry.
  • Labels are still an essential part of any product packaging and branding. They can also be found on textile and clothes, mail or any other type of packaging.
  • Many people refer to labels as stickers, which is correct but somehow often signifies the more fun and decorative type of labels.

For example, lunchbox stickers, kids stickers, party stickers and similar that are meant to inform but also to amuse and impress (or encourage kids to eat their lunch!). These types of labels became increasingly popular within the online community, especially among parents, crafters and party planners.

So, where to look for labels and stickers if you happen to need them?

There are companies specialized in creating and printing labels that operate both offline and online.

Businesses or individuals in need of labels, usually turn to them for help. Some even go a step further and reach out to a graphic designer directly.

In these situations, people usually have a clear vision of what the labels should look like and want to be involved in every step of the designing process. These options are great but don’t come without a cost.

Getting Started :)

There is also a third option that we are going to talk about today and it is called Labeley. It is a free, online tool to create labels online for free.

What is different about this tool is the fact that with Labeley, the user steps into the role of a graphic designer from the very start and has full control over how his ultimate label design will look like. It’s one of the best free label design software/services.

This may sound complicated, but in reality, the process is quite simple. The best thing about it is that it is completely free.

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Before we tackle into this subject further, let’s take a look at some key benefits of using this free online label design tool:

  • Five different categories for creating custom labels to choose from: general, beer, wine, shipping, cd/dvd, mailing, product, kids, holidays, books etc.
  • Aside from standard label shapes there are also beer and wine bottleneck shapes; especially convenient for professionals and hobbyists in the beer brewing and winemaking industry
  • A spectrum of premade graphics, shapes, colors and fonts carefully selected for each category
  • An option to upload one or more images of choice, directly from user’s computer
  • No need for an account creation; those who are extra cautious or in a hurry will be happy to learn that no sign-up process is necessary to create or download labels. i.e. you can create your free printable labels and templates.
  • All labels are under full ownership of the user and can be downloaded, shared or otherwise distributed after creation.

Step-by-Step Guide to Design and Create Labels Online

  1. Visit Labeley and start your creation by clicking on the green ‘Start Designing’ button.
  2. Now select one of the five categories that best fits your labeling project (The choice of graphics and shapes varies depending on the category. If not sure, start by browsing through each category first.) Let’s say you wish to create a wine label.Choose Label Category
  3. Once decided on a category start by choosing the label shape (or bottleneck shape for beer and wine). You can leave it as it is or add a nice color border to it by clicking on the Border section.Choose Label Shape
  4. Next, you can use either pre-made patterns for your label background, a simple color or combination of both.Choose Label Background
  5. The most exciting section is the one with the graphic Here you can add as many graphics as you like, decide where you wish to position them and how.Add Graphic Element
  6. Moving on, if you wish to add a text to your label, try out different fonts and font colors to see what fits the best. Just below it, there is an Upload section that we already mentioned; for those looking to further customize their label design by uploading their image.Choose Label Font
  1. Once finished with designing, the easiest way to obtain your label is by clicking on the ‘Save Label’ button first. Then go to the My Design section, right click on your label design and choose ‘Save as’ option.

Pro Tip

If you are having second thoughts and you’re not ready to download your label just yet. Then consider creating a Labeley account. That way you will have all of your label designs safely kept in once place so you can come back to them at any time. The sign-up process is completely free and simple and requires only your email address.


Labeley is a helpful goodie for all those tech enthusiasts who like to create labels online to explore new and original ideas. Also, for completing their projects online, in a budget-friendly way and hassle-free.

Whether it is for business or fun, this tool certainly promises a lot of creativity boost and even mastering a new skill. Use it for all of your future labeling projects, be that for small business, home production, party decoration or else. In the end, it is all about imagination, isn’t it?

Let us know what you think about this service and your reviews about it. Also if you found it useful for your plans and business then don’t forget to share it.



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