How to Create Bootable Pendrive using CMD(Windows Command Prompt)


As we all know there is various easy and simple software available which will let us to a bootable pen drive easily. We can mention some softwares that are widely use, that are Win 32 Disk Imager, UNetBootin, Rufus, etc. But sometimes they can’t get the things done when you really want them to or sometimes you don’t have them. So, here we are going to learn how to create bootable pen drive using cmd(windows command prompt).

What is Bootable Pendrive?

Sometimes bootable pendrive is also referred to as bootable usb.  It is a disk that can boot up your computer if you don’t have any operaing system. i.e. a standalone storage which can boot up your computer.

Steps to Create Bootable Pendrive using CMD

  1. Run cmd(Command Prompt) as Administrator.
  2. Connect your pen drive to your computer.
  3. Type  disk part and press enter.DiskPart CMD
  4. Type  list disk and press enter. This will list all the storage device available on your computer.DiskPart CMD - List Disk
  5. Choose your pen drive. For that type  select disk 1 and press enter. (Here it is disk 1. In your computer it may differ so choose wisely)DiskPart CMD - Select Disk
  6. Type  clean and press enter. This will erase all data from your pen drive.DiskPart CMD - Clean Disk
  7. Type  create partition primary and press enter.DiskPart CMD - Create Primary Partition
  8. Type  select partition 1 and press enter. This will choose the partition we just created.DiskPart CMD - Select Partition
  9. Type  format=fs NTFS quick and press enter. This will perform a quick format with NTFS file system.DiskPart CMD - Format NTFS
  10. Type  active and press enter. This will mark your primary partition as active.DiskPart CMD - Mark Partition Active
  11. Type  exit and press enter to exit disk part and then close the command prompt.DiskPart CMD - Exit
  12. Now copy all the data from Windows installation disk to your pen drive.
  13. Now your pen drive is bootable having desired windows installation.

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