How To Combine Images Using CSS Sprites To Boost Blog Speed


Many of us may know that we can boost image loading to a great extent by Combining images into CSS sprites on a blog. But it seems a little complicated and difficult, but it is really very easy. In this post you are going to learn How to combine images using CSS sprites to boost blog speed.

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How To Combine Images Using CSS Sprites To Boost Blog Speed

  1. Open SpriteMe.
  2. After opening, you will see installation section and drag that link to your bookmark toolbar.(It is actually a JavaScript)
  3. Open up your blog in browser.
  4. Click SpriteMe from the bookmark bar. You will find something like this.Combine Images Using CSS Sprites To Boost Blog Speed
  5. Find the images that are needed to optimise using GTmetrix.
  6. According to your requirement drag and drop to include or not include image.
  7. Finally click make sprite.
  8. Sprite will be created within few seconds and click on the link to open the sprite and save it.
  9. Now click export CSS. I will advice you to save the sprited image on your server.
  10. Do the changes as illustrated by SpriteMe in your CSS file and replace the URL from SpriteMe to the URL of file you have copied on your server.
  11. Now you have successfully combined images using CSS sprites.

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