How To Check Performance of your Android Device ?


Have you ever noticed that your quad core android device is slower than your friend’s dual core. Do you know why this happens. There is different in their architecture. Here is the some information according to which is correct. Cortex A7 quad core processor = Cortex A9 dual core processor

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There are many more comparisons which I may not be able to explain to you currently. So if you ever went to a shop to buy an android device, I am sure that you will only check number of cores and ram. But you have never checked it’s real performance. So here we are going to discuss how to check performance of you android device.


  1. AnTuTu Benchmark.
  2. Working data connection. (For comparing it to other devices and phones)
  3. An Android device.

Steps to check performance of your Android device

  1. Download and install AnTuTu Benchmark from play store from above link.
  2. Open AnTuTu Benchmark.
  3. Click Test.
  4. Wait till it completes performance check.
  5. You will see comparison graph of all devices.
  6. Click details to check individual performance.
  7. This is a perfect app to check device’s performance.
  8. So never be fooled by anyone when it comes to buy an Android device. ;)

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