How to Check Alexa Daily, Weekly Or Monthly Statistics


As we know that when we talk about Alexa rank it is usually 3 month website rank which is shown on Alexa. Have you ever wondered that how to check Alexa daily, weekly or monthly statistics such as rank, reach and page views. So you might have also wandering that why you need that data. There are many reason but mainly with daily Alexa rank you can figure out that whether your website will go up or down etc.

Steps to Check Alexa Daily, Weekly Or Monthly Statistics

  1. Open WHO.IS.
  2. Type domain name and hit enter.
  3. Click website info. You will find all the data.

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  1. Hi Mehul,

    Nice informative article. if Alexa Ranking of a blog is good, then traffic will come to blog automatically. So, it is very important for us to know our alexa rank status. Here you explained it so well.

    Thanks for this post.


  2. The first step before i start my blogging work, i do check alexa international and local ranking, But never check on site, actually i dont know will trace my website ranking on site.. Thanks, Mehul! for sharing mate and helpful for many bloggers.


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