Android Recovery Software

Android Recovery Software to Recover Photos, SMS, Contacts

Yes, we may accidentally lose some photos or contacts when we use our Android phones. Sometimes these pictures and contacts are crucial for us. But thanks to those software providers, they developed some must-have...
MobiKin Doctor for Android

How to Recover Lost Contacts from Samsung Galaxy Devices

As we discussed in previous articles that we can root Samsung Galaxy Devices and enjoy many things including custom ROMs, patches, unofficial updates and much more. Though we already discuss how to backup android...
Create Bootable Pendrive using CMD

How to Create Bootable Pendrive using CMD(Windows Command Prompt)

As we all know there is various easy and simple software available which will let us to a bootable pendrive easily. We can mention some software that is widely use, that are Win 32...
Keep Third-Party Softwares Updated on Windows

How to Keep Third-Party Softwares Updated on Windows

Windows update provides software updates of Microsoft windows and other important drivers but it does not provide updates for third-party softwares. To keep them up-to-date you generally have to check for updates manually and...
Access Blocked Websites

Access Blocked Websites : 5 Methods

As we know that now most of the Internet Service Providers (ISP) are blocking some websites. In colleges and universities social networking websites and other websites are blocked. They uses firewall like Cyberoam etc....
Remove Passwords from PDF Files

How to Remove Passwords from PDF Files

Many of you might have downloaded PDF files having password protection. Password protection is generally done in case that only limited and authenticated users can see it's content. But once you downloaded that PDF...
Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Problem

How to Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Problem

Recently I have inserted a pendrive which caused some weird problem in Windows 10. The problem was that I was unable to open or click anything on the taskbar. Every other thing seemed working...
Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone

Have you ever deleted some text messages and then later realised that some valuable or necessary information also got deleted accidentally. You might be worried, but now there is nothing to worry about because...

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