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The Pirate Bay

How to Use The Pirate Bay in Blocked Countries

If you're reading this, chances are, you're frustrated after realizing that the Pirate Bay is not working as you expected. Employers and schools often block the Pirate Bay when we least expect...
Video Editor

Mac vs. PC for Video Editing in 2019

Mac vs. PC is an age-old debate. Some people prefer Macs, others prefer PCs, while yet another group likes them all. It’s generally understood that either system is good for regular computer...
Fedex Plane

eCommerce Fulfillment: How To Fulfill Online Orders in 2019

If you’ve ever received your online package tampered or 15 days after placing an order, the chances are that you never went back to purchasing from the same seller. This not so...
Business Team

5 Best Soft Skills for Business

When it comes to succeeding in the workplace, your communication skills are equally important as your degree or years of experience. Today, the demand is high for people with “soft skills”-  the...
IBM Microservice Cloud Architecture

Microservices Making Your Life Simple: Bank at Your Fingertips

Microservices, also known as the microservice architecture, is basically an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of services that are loosely coupled, independently deployable highly maintainable and testable and...
Ecommerce & Artificial-Intelligence

6 New-ish Technologies Transforming Ecommerce

Ecommerce is still a relatively new innovation; yet, it looks completely different than it did at its inception. In fact, the online shopping world of today has undergone substantial changes in only...

Best Online Gambling Games to Play & Rise of Social Gambling

For decades, the age-old practice of gambling remains the same. You visit a betting shop or dress up and visit a casino where to buy chips and play and play the games...
Smartphone Real Estate

How Technology is Disrupting the Real Estate Market

When a profitable, ubiquitous market is disrupted, something bubbles up from the bottom, or perhaps out of nowhere, and takes a position at the top. This happens incrementally, a sort of slow...

10 Ways to Extend & Prolong GPU Lifespan

Graphics cards are considered the heart of any gaming desktop computer. It’s what produces high-quality images on the screen and is also what keeps the frames high. Because of...
Computer Typing

How to Get Best Online Therapy Services in 2019

With the advent of social media, online relationships have risen. People turn to the Internet to find support through friendships, jobs, to locate love, and seek counseling. Online therapy is a viable way...
DVD Copy

WinX DVD Copy Pro Review + Giveaway: Hands-on guide on DVD to DVD Backup

There are plenty of online tools for copying videos from DVDs, but a dedicated copier is a must for a perfect flawless copy. Most of the tools are limited in functions and...

IGT Enters the Canada Market with its Online Bingo Offering

International Game Technology (IGT) is one of the leading software developers for the casino industry. It specialises in slot machines, lotteries, and research and development of gaming technology. One of the most...

Why Algorithms Are The Future Of Business Success?

The word algorithm implies something that is too technical for most of us to consider. However, algorithms are now a key part of modern life. Businesses are using algorithms in more pervasive...

12 Netflix Hacks To Get The Best Out Of Your Subscription

Netflix has become an integral part of our lives. It has become the world’s favorite pastime. According to statista, Netflix has over 130 million paid subscribers, that’s around 37 percent of the...
Network Connectivity

Everything You Need to Know about Cloud Hosting

Not every company can afford to spend thousands of dollars on server infrastructure. The growing demand for affordable and scalable hosting and data storage services from both SMEs and international enterprises is...

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