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Why You Need Online JavaScript Tutor to Improve Your Skills?

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages. JS ranks seventh in the TIOBE index, which is compiled based on the statistics of search queries. This language is currently more popular...
Man Using Tablet

11 Reasons Technology Is Good For A Family | Is it True?

Technology is seen by many to be a negative aspect for the family. We all romanticize a time where the biggest piece of technology we had a was TV, where the family...
Smiling Student

Evolution of Bingo: From Parlor Halls to Software Rolls

If an average time traveler was to embark on a journey to the 21st century from, say, the cozy seventies, he’d find it difficult to comprehend society transformation information technologies execute: evolution of...
IBM Call for Code

IBM’s Call for Code: 2019 Global Challenge

Every year, millions of people get affected globally because of natural disasters. In 2013, the Kedarnath Floods happened in India which created a massacre. After that, Kerela floods happened which also relocated...

What is a Magnet Link & How does it Differ from Torrent Files?

If you are a regular torrent user, then there is a high chance that you have come across magnet links. There are a lot of websites which offers torrent links as well...
Sports Betting

Why Mobile Betting Apps have Grown Consistently in Popularity?

We are well past the days when people had no option but to brave it out in the hot sun at the sports venues, to be able to bet on their favorite...
Online Casino Winning

7 Things You Should Know Before Joining an Online Casino

Casinos are fun. You cannot deny that. The rustling of those slots in real life makes you glamorous. But you have to be a little skeptical when it comes to online casinos....
Call Center

How to Provide Excellent Customer Service

Treat your customers well because they deserve it. If you are asking why they deserve excellent customer service then you better ask yourself how your business will run if customers will not...
Live Streaming

How to Set Up a Music Streaming Service

Pandora was first to launch a full-fledged music streaming service. After that, music streaming took no time to become a mainstream industry.  Encouraged by the success of Pandora, several other players too...
Candy Crush on Windows Phone

Will Mobile Gaming Ever Replace Consoles and PC?

The rise in mobile gaming is indisputable, even if the games themselves are looked down upon by the glut of the traditional video gaming community. It has come to a stage where...
Online Gambling

The Tech Community in New Zealand: Overlook

New Zealand is often considered one of the top innovation hubs at the bottom of the world. The Kiwis have never hesitated when it comes to adopting new technologies. New technological breakthroughs...
Online Casino Winning

The Future of Casino Gaming: What Are We Looking At?

Humans are always looking for methods to grow and evolve.  Our inner instinct guides us to accomplish tasks in cheapest, comfortable and the fastest way possible. We have applied this philosophy in...
Online Gambling

Advancements in Online Gambling Industry: From Online Casinos to Bingos

The rapid rise in technological developments over the last couple of years has impacted both our private and professional lives. There is hardly any sector left that is untouched by the advancement...
Google Authenticator

Two-Factor Authentication: What It Is & Why Should You Use it?

If you use online banking, you're probably already using two-factor authentication without even realizing it. If not, expect to be doing so in the coming year, as this security protocol is big...
Video Editor

Mac vs. PC for Video Editing in 2019

Mac vs. PC is an age-old debate. Some people prefer Macs, others prefer PCs, while yet another group likes them all. It’s generally understood that either system is good for regular computer...

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