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Audioengine A2+

10 Best Computer Speakers of 2019

While people mostly go for a pair of headphones when it comes to listening sounds from a computer, there are still those who prefer plain old speakers. Headphones might not be comfortable...

How to Buy the Right Graphics Card? | Things to Know

Whether you are building a PC or getting a new laptop, if there is one thing that is one component that is indispensable to any gamer it is the graphics card.
Siroflo PURIDEA i2 SE Bluetooth Speaker Right

Siroflo PURIDEA i2 SE Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bluetooth speakers are turning out to be one of the must-have accessories these days. The market is filled with companies that sell such speakers, some of them selling an entire line-up of...
Gocomma USB 3.0 to SATA IDE Hard Disk Adapter Back

Gocomma USB 3.0 to SATA/IDE Hard Disk Adapter Review: Why You Should Buy One?

If you planning to buy any computer repair accessory, a USB to SATA adapter should top your list. This accessory allows you to connect between two most common interfaces. SATA can be...
Tanix TX6 Running

Tanix TX6 TV Box Review: Best Value for Money Android TV Box Yet?

Today, the market is filled with low-cost Allwinner H6 TV boxes that can be used for Internet Browsing, multimedia playback of photos/videos and even play video games. Digital Electronic Product manufacturer launched...
Xiaomi ZMI USB Car Charger ON

Xiaomi ZMI Dual USB Car Charger Review: Best Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger?

We have come leaps in technology, still, no device has been yet manufactured that’s doesn’t require regular charging. Whenever you commute or go on long trips, you will find yourself in a...
Alfawise A1

Alfawise A1 Review: Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds in its segment?

Headphones and earbuds industry has seen an incredible transformation over these years. From the bulky wired to the tangle-free wireless earbuds, there has been a huge improvement in the sound quality and comfort....

5 Best Christmas Tech Gifts for 2019

Christmas is nearing and if you are like us, you have already scoured the internet looking for Christmas ideas for your friends and family. Getting the just right gift for your near...
Gaming Monitors

How to Choose the Right Gaming Monitor?

Building a gaming rig can be tricky. You have to select the best components from out there that suit your gaming style and give you the best value for your money. Your...
Best Gaming Headphones

3 Best Gaming Headphones in 2019: Buyer’s Guide

Even though home theaters and surround systems are the best when it comes to gaming sound, headphones still offer better performance and restrict the sound to the gamer only. With the steady growth of the...
How to Buy Gaming Mouse

How to Buy Gaming Mouse in 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Picking the best gaming mouse can sometimes be difficult, especially at the point when you perceive the wealth of options and variety that are available to you just from searching through the first page...
Kingso Umbrella Light Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $50 – Kingso Umbrella Light Review

As we know the future is wireless, why not start looking out for the best portable electronics from now! Speakers with Aux Cable are getting less popular and Bluetooth Speakers are gaining a lot of...
Urby Slim Wallet

Urby Slim Wallet Review: The Wallet Everyone Should Know About

Everything is getting slimmer whether it is related to technology or the physical stuff like wallets. Personally speaking, I like wallets which are slim and can easily be slipped into the pocket as I...
10 Best Gadgets for Traveling

10 Best Gadgets to Keep While Traveling – Must Read

Traveling is a lot of fun. You not just get to discover and explore new places, but you also get to learn a lot of new things about your destination and yourself as well....
Choose the Best Cooling Pad for Your Laptop

How to Choose the Best Cooling Pad for Your Laptop

Today is the era of digitalization, and you can see computers are everywhere. Most of our Day to day tasks now depends on computers. Most People prefer laptops as compared to computers as they...

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