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Best Teacher Apps for Android & iOS

9 Best Teacher Apps for Android & iOS in 2019

There is no doubt that being a teacher is rough. They dedicate their time and energy to educating our young ones. Unfortunately, they don’t get the necessary tools they need to be successful. The...

How to Transfer Files Between iPhone/iPad and Mac

Are you wondering how to transfer files between your iOS device and Mac? Or are you just looking for the fastest way to do it? You came to the right place. In this article,...
Essential Mac Apps

7 Essential Apps Every Mac User Must Have in 2019

Macs by virtue of being Apple devices enjoy quite a lot of reverence in the industry. And they most certainly live up to the hype; Macs are and work without you needing to put...
Best iPhone Apps

6 Best iPhone Apps You Should Check Out in 2019

Apple is always coming up with new and fun apps to keep users interested. Some apps are extremely useful for daily tasks while others are more fun. Here are some of the top apps...
iPhone 8 Renders

iPhone 8 Release Date, Price, News and Rumors

The most popular topic in the gadget market these days is iPhone 8. The most awaiting model of iPhones with some dramatic changes, that will definitely set a new benchmark in gadgets world. The other...
iPhone 8 features

The Latest Buzz about the iPhone 8 features and release

The iPhone 8 may have been gotten on video and photographed with the screen on, while new reports say the phone will have another shading choice, a bigger camera lens, no 3.5mm earphone jack...
Best iPhone 7 Case by ESeekGo

Best iPhone 7 Case: ESeekGo Wallet Case Review

It's hard to find a good case right? Almost two months ago we reviewed the best iPhone 6s case. So once again Apple has launched its new flagships namely iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Both...
Record iPhone Screen Wirelessly

How to Record iPhone Screen Wirelessly?

We know that there are several apps available to capture or record the screen of an Android device. But when it comes to an Apple iPhone there is actually very few option available to...
Best VR and Google Cardboard Apps

10 Best VR and Google Cardboard Apps for Android & iOS

Virtual Reality is starting to become big news in the market. Additionally, after the announcement of Google Cardboard, it is quite affordable to experience Virtual Reality at a very cheap cost. You can find many...
Best iPhone 6S Case

Best iPhone 6S Case: ESeekGo Armor Case Review

Apple makes amazing smartphones. However, as most of the manufacturers, they also focus more on features rather than durability. The new iPhone 6 and 6S is packed with amazing features than ever. However in...
iPhone 7

iPhone 7 : The Giant is coming this September

Are you anticipating to purchase the Apple iPhone 7 when you just need something worth being thankful for? Well the iPhone 7 is something which one gets a kick out of the chance to...
iPad Air 3 Rumors

iPad Air 3 Rumors and Wishlists

Even though the market now has plenty of Android tablets to compete against the iPads, these devices still remain to be the most popular tablets. We have met people who are fans of Android...
iOS 10 Features

The iOS 10 Features and Specifications – Rumors

Apple is one of the brands that believe in innovation and experiments. After Steve Jobs, people thought that Apple is not showing enough intent but the launch of iPhone 6, iOS 9 and Apple...
Coolmuster Data Recovery

Coolmuster Data Recovery for iPhone, iPad & iPod

Nowadays losing important digital data is the most annoying thing that can happen to you ;). In today's life losing data has become a common problem. Coolmuster Data Recovery can help you to restore this...

Changes brought about by iOS 8 for mobile marketers

When working on a new version of a mobile operating system, user experience is usually the first thing developers have in mind; after all, it’s what determines if the new operating system is a...

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